Oops: Naomi Campbell Got Banned From BA


Not that anyone should care, but after she smacked around some airline cop dude, British Airways banned Naomi Campbell yesterday.

I don’t really get Naomi. It’s all bit too much for me. The attitude, the colored contacts, the wild Euro boyfriends, I just can’t really take it. Why does this chick still matter? For instance, can someone explain to me why she was featured in that crazy SOBE Vitamin Water commercial with a bunch of dancing lizards?

What ad genius came up with that?

“I know, just hear me out, we’ll get some big international star…. then we’ll hook up Michael Jackson’s aged errr timeless thriller dance sequence and we’ll have the star and the animated critters, get their jiggy on because this drank is so damn delectable!! Ohhhhhh snap, Naomi Campbell, that’s it!!!”

What, Grace Jones wasn’t available? I don’t know about those wild international sisters. I mean, hey, I’m down for the people, but there’s something about Gay Pair-ree, London and Prague that just doesn’t mesh well with these ladies.

I mean, look at Tyra Banks… she’s completely unbearable right now and I’m quite sure that her time rubbing elbows in those Euro circles has something to do with it. Iman? Last I heard she was doing a line of the Coca off the arch of Sting’s back. It’s all just too much, too weird.

All is not lost though, at least we’ve got these Not Safe For Work, “artsy,” buck-ed nake-ed shots of Naomi Campbell. Here, here and riiiiiight DERE. On second though, I completely get why people still like her. Naomi is a stallion. Damn.

– Lake


2 Responses to “Oops: Naomi Campbell Got Banned From BA”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Damn Lake, you throwig everyone under the off key bus on this one. Don’t forget Beverly Johson and Veronica Webb. If Iman is doing the white horse at all, it is with her husband David Bowie. And you know Tyra gets it from her momma don’t blame it on Europe.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    If she’s doing the white horse? Come on now. The Euro sis aint right, believe me, I know.

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