Misty May Treanor: UvT Quality?


Since my post on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, cats in the forums have been calling me out to take a closer look at Misty May Treanor, who is apparently a fixture in beach volleyball.

Look, I don’t know who Rachel is, and I also don’t know why the uniform for beach volleyball is “half butt ass naked” but she makes a strong case for adding beach volleyball into the rotation.  So I look for this chick Misty May Treanor, and I have to say I’m not immediately impressed.  Then I find this:

Wellll, now I’m ready to see what’s going on here.  Let’s start with the photoshopped up Maxim shot.

Cute girl.  You can tell it is photoshopped because the tail piece above has no remote proportional relationship to the slimmed out thighs you see here.  Look, if you are driving over a hill, you can tell if it is about to drop off.  Same principle here.  I know there is a mountain beyond them there hills and all I see is valley.  I expect to at least see some foothills or rolling meadows.

The stills don’t really do her justice.  Maybe I’ve got to see her in motion.

What the hell?  Misty May is the Chad Johnson of beach volleyball?  Who knew?  Fine, I’ll hold judgment until after I see what she is able to lay down in Beijing.  Let’s be clear though, she’s gotta come to take the belt to be declared UvT Quality.  The tie will not go to the runner here.


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4 Responses to “Misty May Treanor: UvT Quality?”

  1. Will Says:

    damn she str8 clownin’! I like chix that can clown. She got one of them skinny-booties (i think Lake addressed this type coupla weeks ago), she so slim that any meat back there looks *kinda* impressive. But she aint nowhere near that Allison Stokke level. Nah…..

  2. SMH Says:

    not at all

  3. Wade Says:

    thank god for these photos

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    […] May Treanor: George Bush Likes It We’ve already asked whether Misty May Treanor is UvT Quality.  Apparently President Bush thinks voting is still open, because he went to check it out […]

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