Misty May Treanor: George Bush Likes It


We’ve already asked whether Misty May Treanor is UvT Quality.  Apparently President Bush thinks voting is still open, because he went to check it out himself.

I think this is the first thing President Bush has done in a long time where we’re on the exact same page.  I’ve never seen anyone backhand dat ass before either.  I didn’t know one of the Powers of the Executive Branch was the ability to make a woman drop it like it’s hot on demand.  Hmmmmm.

Brock Hardon For President 2016.


Ian from the comments would like for us to mention how great May and Walsh are at beach volleyball.  Here is goes.  With Walsh’s length at the net at 6’2″ combined with May-Treanor’s uncanny ability to anticipate the angles for the dig on the defensive end.  This team has been dominating beach volleyball in an unprecedented manner truly elevating the sport.  Now Ian.  Explain to me why they play half buck naked and I’ll stop looking at ass everytime I watch beach volleyball.

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9 Responses to “Misty May Treanor: George Bush Likes It”

  1. Ian M. Summers Says:

    A couple of points I’d like to make here…

    1. Misty May Treanor is probably not UvT quality, she definitely was at one point though. Somewhere along the line she lost some thunder, I’m not sure when.

    2. What the hell is she thinking? If she was UvT quality before I saw that picture she isn’t anymore. She is doing this sort of fucked up reverse-arch, ass-minimizing thing thats just disgusting. Thats the god damn president girl. If he wants to go play in the backyard, then you stick that shit out and like it. Honestly she needs to be glad this is 08 and not 98, otherwise Bill would be bringing cigars to the party.

    3. I think you guys are focusing a little too intensely on one “tailpiece”. The whole reason I brought up Misty May Treanor was to highlight the trend of excellence within the sport, broaden those horizons fellas.

  2. free forum Says:

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  3. Will Says:

    Ian is right – you guys DO need to broaden your horizons….and feature them BRAZILIAN volleyball chix!

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ha… true on the Brazilian volleyball chicks. The more I look at it, the funnier that W Bush backhanded slapper gets. You can’t tell me Bush hasn’t gotten at a hizzie or 6 during his 8 year run as prez. Dude is just too comfortable, too simple.

  5. Ian M. Summers Says:

    Whoa. Whoever wrote the update needs to slow down. When I said I wanted to “highlight the trend of excellence within the sport” I wasn’t referring to that team’s abilities. What I was referring to was the generally high quality of lady participating in these events. I don’t care who takes gold, I know I win every time they put this it on TV.

    See Will and me are on the same page, you guys should do a whole Beach Volleyball in Beijing post, call it “Broads Abroad” or something gay like that, just make it happen….

  6. RosyF Says:

    @Ian… Thanks guys for keeping it real and classy.

    @Brock as a former volleyball player I am impressed by your analysis. I am not sure why I had to play in spandex but I did (and looked good..ha). I can’t imagine playing in bikini.

  7. dobeman Says:

    That made me laugh some kinda hard! I don’t know if that’s a Photoshop Special or what, but it’s pretty darn hilarious!

  8. ZMan Says:

    I think you guys are taking too much away from Mrs. Walsh over there. Misty May, may not be rockin the booty too hard, but Kerri is definitely givin us somethin good to check out. Props to the sweet blond.

  9. chulo Says:

    Chulo’s been loving that Misty May culo since back in the day, when little Chulo had a brief fling with the maracas game. But yea, Misty’s not doing it justice with that cheap arch, you gotta go back to the gold medal celebration back in 04. The Olympic spirit lifted a lotta cats that night.

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