Whatcha Gonna Do, Nick Hogan?!?!


For some reason it is almost impossible to get an ounce of aRa Kelly coverage, but there is plenty of info out there on the completely dysfunctional Hogan family and Nick Hogan’s state sponsored vacation. Let’s cover the basics first. Here’s the wreck.

So it is clear that Nick Hogan is lucky to be alive right now. He was thrown in jail because his friend who was in the car with him is paralyzed. Only got sent up for 9 months behind that, but for some reason Nick thinks that isn’t fair.

Nick, we know you didn’t mean to do it, and I’m sure you are sorry for what you did, but why do you think you should get special treatment? Your dad may be the Hulkster, but you aren’t anyone. You were the fourth most interesting person in a family of four on a very uninteresting show.

Here’s the real crazy thing. They put Nick in solitary to protect him. Makes sense, right? People would be trying to test young hulkster, trying to drop that “big boot” on him. Naaaaaaaah, Nick doesn’t see it that way, so he begs to get out! He wants to be in the gen pop. Is he f’n crazy? Has he seen Oz?

Hey Nick, in real life, the Hulkster isn’t going to come running out the back to save you when they start laying those boots to your ass. You think dad will be there to save you and hit your cell mates with this:

Instead, you need to be making sure you don’t end up like this:

Nick, you need to just lay low homey. You got off lucky, so just STFU and do your time.

At least you are distracting the public from trying to figure out why your sister’s chin is so strong, or why your Mom is dating a dude younger than you.


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One Response to “Whatcha Gonna Do, Nick Hogan?!?!”

  1. Will Says:

    U know why I like this post? U out a shot of the ULTIMATE WARRIOR! 🙂

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