Sellout: Joe Lieberman is a clown


I’m sitting here listening to turncoat Lieberman at the Republican National Convention as he gets this two clap “sexual chocolate” level applause.

What an idiot.  This dude came onto the stage and immediately started to talk about how political parties are hurtful to the democratic process.  Did anybody tell this dude that he was at a political convention?! Now he’s talking about how good Bill Clinton was…haaaaa this is like bizzaro world.  Republicans clapping for Bill Clinton, ones of convention participants clapping for Joe Lieberman…grandma hitting the heavy bag.  The dog taking the cat out for a walk.  This shit is just weird.  What a joke.  I mean, seriously, I’m looking at this dude’s face and even he knows he’s bullshit. He’s got that “why am I here again?” expression too.  I know, I know, John McCain is an independent man, a maverick.

That’s why he picked a “radical right hero” as his running mate, something that was clearly a purely political move?  Hey JOE!  Why are you throwing your support behind Palin, a person you disagree with on abortion rights, gay rights and pretty much every other social issue.  You don’t even know her and she has no experience of your oh so important “war on terror.”  You’re a phony and a piece of shit!  Hopefully you get what you deserve when your punk ass gets back to Washington or Connecticut, or wherever you go.

Fucker, beat it.

– Lake

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2 Responses to “Sellout: Joe Lieberman is a clown”

  1. jkay1229 Says:

    What is that on the side of John McBush’s face? The fuck?

  2. Will Says:

    jkay: that would be putrid flesh hanging off. The man is officially 1/3 dead.

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