Oden Has Bad Knees? He Really Is An Old Man!


I know Greg looks like he is old enough to have marched with Martin Luther the Kang, but he is supposedly only 19 years old (born in ’88? That’s CRAZY!) But now there is evidence he really may be an old man. The #1 Draft Pick Greg Oden just got faded for the entire season with bad knees, and according to the big man’s blog, it seems like he didn’t know it was coming.

“We went to the doctor’s the next day to get a MRI and that night me and my mom ended up in the doctor’s office being told that I have to get surgery. It’s a light one, just a scoop, but still it’s just another setback.”


(Stop wearing those slidin’ flip-flops with socks and get some proper man shoes…that might help.)

I actually feel bad for the dude. He thinks it is “one little scoop”, and it ends up that he had a microfracture and unless he comes back hard like Amare, he’s got an uphill battle. He’s young, resilient, and sure to bounce back, but that can’t like that news in Portland.

Now is this an argument for or against bouncing to the league early? Would he have had less intensive training getting ready for sophomore year at Ohio State, or did NBA prep on a young body do him in?

Either way, he’s still gonna get paid.


Don’t Stop. Git it , git it.

Now with Oden out, does that mean late second rounder Josh McRoberts gets the job?


Hell no. JJ, what do you think about fellow Dukie Josh’s chances of starting?


Yeah, me too.


By the way…with the microfracture. Do you still take Oden over Durant?

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