Southwest Airlines: Clothes before hoes, part 2


Yooo, Southwest is no joke. Another woman has come forward to say that Southwest personnel considered her attire whorish and thus, unacceptable on their “family friendly” airline. Peep the air candy:


Indeed, her name is Setara Qassim, and she said the employees of Southwest Airlines degraded her when they requested that she cover up with one of those nasty burlap blankets to prevent any of the fellow passengers from being unduly harmed by her ahem assets.


(oh the horror)

Daaayum, first they jammed up ole leather face for being dressed like a H to the Izzo in the sky, now this.


(Kyla Ebbert is with leather)

I don’t know, I guess cougar-licious “hotties” with green breast-ta-sis are deemed offensive by this church with wings. I guess it makes sense though. I’m mean if you are a true believer who happens to travel and you’re about to ascend into the heavens righteously, the last thing you want is a slutatious (got that from Monique on charm school) greenback eying your husband errr titillating your son errr compromising your core values and setting a bad example for your pre-teen daughter.


Honestly, I think these people out here are missing the boat. If you look at it with a positive spin, Southwest Airlines is just doing the job TSA refuses to do. First, we got to be honest, a name like Setara Qassim is going to raise some suspicion and based on what we know of these chicks, it should have. If I’m not mistaken, there is a prohibition on passengers bringing any “foreign gels or liquids with them through security”, right?


Now I don’t know about their ho gear, but if there is one thing I am certain about both these chickens it’s that they were clearly carrying some gels (silicone) or liquids (saline) through security and up on that damn plane.


Do I lie?

– Lake

One Response to “Southwest Airlines: Clothes before hoes, part 2”

  1. drmiketemp Says:

    Actually if you listen to the report that you’ve taken the screencaps from and read the statement that Southwestern released, it was another passenger who complained. The attendants were just reacting to a complaint that they had received.

    Gotta admit though that it’s just a bunch of garbage and we’ve got worse things to worry about.

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