Ciara Exposed: 50 Cent. You’re cool with me!


In the showdown of Fitty vs. Kanye West, with both albums coming out on September 11th, I was firmly in the Kanye camp.  He’s musically better, he’s lyrically better, and that cat reaaaaaaalllly cares about the music and what people think.  In fact, after getting burned on that terrible “Get Rich or Die Trying” album, I wasn’t going to buy the 50 Cent album at all.  Then I saw this:



Ciara Half Butt Naked?  This is the best argument against digital download I’ve ever seen.  Now I want to give it a Fitty-Fitty chance of these pics being a body double.  If it is a double, that is some damn good work.  Those skrong arms and shoulders are definitely Ci-Ci.  (I know, I know…why you looking so hard Brock?  The girl is bad, what can I say?)  The legs and tail piece?  I can’t confirm.  There isn’t much out there of her straddling a cat out there on the net to compare it to.  Who cares?  It’s great.

The real question is…what the hell was Bow Wow thinking? 


Well, I don’t know what he thinks about these pictures, but he’s got to be thinking that this outfit he was rocking in “Roll Bounce” wasn’t a good look…My word!


2 Responses to “Ciara Exposed: 50 Cent. You’re cool with me!”

  1. lik dot Says:

    Brock, where are these pics from??? My Gawd…I need to take a 20 second TO.

  2. Daniel Says:

    DDDDDDAAAAAAANNNNNGGGGG Ciara dat iz all i can say i luv you baby

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