Disgraced toe tapping Senator decides to retir—STOP, IT’S THE MUTHAF#CKIN REMIX!!!!


“uhhhhhh!!!!!! Yeah, Craig is back, who in the world got a problem with that?!?!?!”

(All these so called “values Republicans”, that’s who!)

Wow, excuse the irony of my statement but can you all believe the BALLS on this f#ckin guy (Brooklyn accent)?


(Dog, watch out now, we don’t know what this dude is capable of)

Embattled gay Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho is now talking about NOT retiring from the United States Senate on a random ass technicality. This cat is a piece of work man.

He left that wild voice message on the machine of a cat he erroneously thought was his lawyer (umm, how does a guy who has made it to THIS level make that kind of mistake at this juncture?) saying that he was going to say “it was his intent to resign on September 30th”, ostensibly leaving the door open with some possible lawyering of the word “intent” and then turn around and refuse to resign once he’s cleared of those lesser charges he already plead guilty to.


(Evil genius or just evil?)

Wow. I guess this cat is digging in those toe tapping heels in anticipation of the forthcoming ethics investigation in the Senate. Is this cat serious? First he comes with this CRAZY audio tape of him bargaining with the cop who he tried to get or give some damn head to, now he’s trying to get his damn conviction withdrawn in some wild attempt to actually remain in office?!?! Peep this cat’s rhetoric from the original incident.

Dude, this cat Craig said, “you solicited me”!!! Not sure how folks do thangs in cosmopolitan Idaho, but ’round where I’m from that means that he’s acknowledging that he was looking for sex with a DUDE IN A DAMN MEN’S BATHROOM AT THE AIRPORT!!! I love how the cop hits old Larry with that crazy rhetoric, “so, do you get lucky in that bathroom a lot?” and then when Craig says “No, I don’t do those type of things”, which is absurd because supposedly that bathroom is notorious among the low gay sex cruising crowd for a toe tapping, hand rubbing good time, the cop hits him with: “Now see, this is disappointing, you’re lying to a police officer (as if they don’t lie, lol), this is embarrassing, people vote for you” WOW.. I mean, he really stuck the landing on that dig. And Craig with his low protestations… haaa I know, I know, you just wanted to catch that plane. Let me remind you of something right quick Senator, we all know you love to do this:


Hence this:


And this:


Closely followed by THIS:


And never this:


Which of course leads young Lake Arlington inevitably to this:


Followed of course, by this:


In other words, peace the f*ck out homey!!! Actually, let me go ahead and reverse myself because I want you to stick around. The American people really need you to stay in office so they can understand how hypocritical the Republican Party is, especially these politicians who trade on “values” issues. I actually love the presence of Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, David Vitter and his hypocrite wife Wendy Vitter… I mean, I love them all. And please Senator, stop saying that you’re not gay. Everyone knows that YOU ARE GAY homeboy. Yes you have children, ADOPTED children that were fathered by another dude. We know nothing of your affinity for women except what you tell us and everyone knows YOU ARE A LIAR!!! There have been whispers that you were gay since the 60’s, dude, we know what you are and what you do. I happen to love it, so carry on and please stay in office. I figure I can write about your candy ass clean through the end of 2008.


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