Commercials on My Satellite Radio? Wait…I Pay For This!


I was listening to some classic black comedy on Foxxhole on my trusty satellite radio in my luxury whip when the weirdest thing happened. The only thing that was getting played was commercial after commercial. Not commercials for other channels, or for other shows on this channel, I’m talking legal services and Bose radios. Real full on commercials.

What’s the big deal you say? First of all, if you google search these assholes, the first thing you see is their tagline “100% commercial free music”. That is literally their #1 claim. Apparently no longer true.

Second, it is a subscription service. Commercials are there so the stations can make money. People pay to have access to their listeners. Well I’m paying for it so they need to cut that shit out. This is double dipping, plain and simple. If I’m paying you, and they are paying you, something ain’t right. I don’t like paying for the privledge of being sold to. When I watch HBO I don’t see commercials unless it is for something I might want to see next.

What’s next? Movies that stop in the middle so they can show one of those terrible viva viagra commercials? You going to build commercials into blank CD’s so they interrupt my personal mixtapes?

I’m just saying, It ain’t right.

Rant over.


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9 Responses to “Commercials on My Satellite Radio? Wait…I Pay For This!”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    I hear you man – over the commercial background noise of course. That’s some messed up ish right there. BTW, when’s that Sirius / XM merger going through? I need ALL my sports available from ONE satellite radio provider. I have XM for the MLB package but I need some Sirius programming to complete my entertainment package.

  2. Be On It Says:

    KIR, I wanna be you when I grow up. You actually listen to sports on the radio? I am so not worthy.

    Anywho, the XM/Sirius merger is coming under fire because of the small percentage of bandwidth that will be allocated for minority owned broadcasting. We’ll see if the gasbags in Congress can actually make these companies cough up more than 4% (12 channels). But does this merger mean that XM will start having commercials? Will I have to cancel my subscription and take away an essential piece of my whip’s audio system? I hope not. That’s like taking the weave offa Beyonce. Just not right.

  3. Jay Says:

    I don’t think the comedy channels are included in their promise of commercial free music.

    I am a white guy but my biggest beef with Sirius is that they don’t take “black” music as seriously as they do other types of music. Why is there no station on Sirius with any sort of eclectic, intelligent mix of black or urban genres, a station that would sometimes make you think “hmm, I’m surprised they’re playing this” or “I havent heard this in awhile” or (God forbid) “wow – that’s something new”. There are stations with thoughtful approaches to rock – it would be cool if there were a station with a thoughtful approach to hip-hop, R&B, neo-soul, etc. to nclude all the many sub-genres.

  4. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Be: I even have a portable XM unit that’s about the size of my iPod! That is the hook up when chillin on the patio, pitcher of Patron margaritas at the ready, flipping through the latest SI, ESPN or home and garden mag. I’m most def NOT a Dodgers fan but there is nothing better than listening to a Vin Scully called game on a warm summer night, with cold beer and a sizzling grilled steak. And I also love the classic radio shows like The Shadow and Dragnet. Satellite radio is the best!

  5. raafman Says:

    As a Sirius stockholder, I’ll say that some of these concerns are why the stock is now trading at a multiyear low this week. As for the commercials: you pay for TBS, but they’re not afraid to advertise you some old Palmolive, so I think what they’re gunning for ultimately is a multi-tiered system a-la HBO vs. ESPN where some content is always com-free and some isn’t. Besides, someone’s got to pay for that $500m Howard Stern contract. And even with the merger the experts aren’t seeing much blue on the horizon. It’s all too bad because it’s still a great product.

  6. Will Says:

    Brock: I could never bring myself to pay for radio. Ain’t right.

    Raaf: I dont know u personally, but u are SUCKING right now. I wouldn’t tell anyone that Im a Sirius stockholder….unless of course u bought some mega-cheap options. I bought SIRI 3 yrs ago @ $5 per, Stern made his announcement, it jumped like .50 cents – and 2 yrs later it was worth all of $4! And now its down to $2 and sum change….
    But even then, are they even worth $2 a share now?
    -financial Willy

    Jay: right right but u knowwhat? America BEEN slacking on *quality urban programming. Germany (of all places) has that on lock! I’d suggest fill up your Ipod with hundreds of your favorite jamz (like i do) and let that ride. at work u cannot get me to switch from Winamp internet radio. U can get hiphop stations WORLDWIDE. Thats untouchable. even better than Pandora, IMO.

  7. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Raafman: I have Sirius and XM in my portfolio and most of my entertainment holdings are looking like poop lately. I agree with your assessment that these companies are probably looking to expand to multi-tier programming to maximize profits. Personally, I’m looking forward to a day when I can choose my own television and radio stations, cafeteria style, and only pay for the stuff I want. Do I need the estrogen tv network or hillbilly radio? No.

    @ Will: the iPod is great for many situations but what if you’re on the road and you want to catch your team’s game in real time? What do you do when you’re criss crossing the Mojave desert and you want to check the latest election coverage? Out here, terrestrial radio coverage is spotty outside the major metro areas so satellite is a must, IMHO. Plus, I like not having to listen to wack azz local jocks or zany hometown commercials when I’m in da whip.

  8. Will Says:

    KIR: no doubt. mebbe I’ll ask for a subscription this xmas.

  9. raafman Says:

    @ Will: I got in before the Stern announcement, back when SIRI was trading for, well, about what it’s trading for now. Do I wish I got out that crazy week when it was up to $9? Yes. Do I still believe in the product? Yes. There are a few dope stations where they play new music that you’ll never hear on Clear Channel; and with that portable iPod jig they got, you can sorta-download stuff you like as you hear it. About as great a way I’ve run into to hear and buy new music. (I could do without the personal attacks tho’, my dude).

    I think the merger will be good for consumers, I’m just hoping the combined company can survive.

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