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Commercials on My Satellite Radio? Wait…I Pay For This!

June 20, 2008

I was listening to some classic black comedy on Foxxhole on my trusty satellite radio in my luxury whip when the weirdest thing happened. The only thing that was getting played was commercial after commercial. Not commercials for other channels, or for other shows on this channel, I’m talking legal services and Bose radios. Real full on commercials.

What’s the big deal you say? First of all, if you google search these assholes, the first thing you see is their tagline “100% commercial free music”. That is literally their #1 claim. Apparently no longer true.

Second, it is a subscription service. Commercials are there so the stations can make money. People pay to have access to their listeners. Well I’m paying for it so they need to cut that shit out. This is double dipping, plain and simple. If I’m paying you, and they are paying you, something ain’t right. I don’t like paying for the privledge of being sold to. When I watch HBO I don’t see commercials unless it is for something I might want to see next.

What’s next? Movies that stop in the middle so they can show one of those terrible viva viagra commercials? You going to build commercials into blank CD’s so they interrupt my personal mixtapes?

I’m just saying, It ain’t right.

Rant over.