Shocking Courtroom Action


This is the best piece of courtroom footage ever:

So let’s start at the beginning. The brother gets rolled in there all calm, but you know all he is thinking is “I’m got get this muuuhfu*ka today…closer…closer…GOT HIS AZZ!” Why is he in a wheelchair by the way? His legs clearly work juuuuust fine.

Anyway, the dude he kicks was his lawyer, I guess he wasn’t completely satisfied with the counsel he was receiving to date. He wanted to show his displeasure.

So the cops roll in to let the cat know who’s boss. It’s three on one, they’ve got guns, handcuffs, my man is already on the floor so everything is already under control, right? Well apparently not, the big fella who was pushing the wheelchair gets shook and whips out the taser…and without warning blasts my man.

BUT HE GETS THE OTHER COP TOO! Oh god, watch it again. When the other cop goes down the first one pulls his hand back like he touched something hot. Then he looks at the taser like it was messed up. Then when the other cop looks at him like WTF? He really tries to explain what went wrong. Good thing he didn’t grab his gun!

But it’s not over. They bring my man back strapped to the wheelchair with some sort of combo du-rag, Michael Jackson mask. The mask I get, after seeing the use of the donkey kick, he is probably a black belt biter too. Fine, but what is the light mesh beekeeper hood for? Are they worried about him shooting snot rockets on the guy?

You see the big fella with the bad taser aim got promptly demoted to “stand around” duty from “push the wheelchair” duty. That hurts.


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