Mel B. Watch: Ooooh Weeee!


The Lawd is good…he knows what I want!

Now Brock was peeping Mel B. back in the spice girls phase back when she had crazy hair and those big ridiculous boots, and she was still bad as hell.  Now I don’t know what Eddie did, but two kids later she’s better?  How the hail did she get here?


My Goodness.  It’s tucked in so tight.


Yeah.  It’s tucked on the right side too…


Now we’ve already established that UvT is full of men that appreciate the tailpiece, but she’s trying to make a brother change his religion.


Even when she walks it out she stays tight.

Look, I don’t know about that high heel/leg warmer combo she’s rocking right now, but it works for me.  Just tell her boy to stop wearing those terrible azz “super deep-super smedium” extra v-neck shirts and they might have a shot.

They might actually make me watch Dancing With the Stars this season…

OK, you know that isn’t going to happen, but I’ll tivo it just in case a booty cheek pops out on live TV.  Now I would watch if they had Mel B. dance with that Cheryl babe.  I couldn’t miss that.  My only question is, if you put that much thickness in one place, does it rip open the time-space continuum and create a black hole?

Sorry too many thick women for a Friday afternoon…Help me please!


3 Responses to “Mel B. Watch: Ooooh Weeee!”

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  3. love mel b Says:

    mel b has such a nice ass

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