Stokke the flames: Smooth white woman Allison Stokke part 3



We just figured we should continue to show a little Allison Stokke love for all the homies out there. She’s on her way to Cal Berkley, best of luck to her boyfriend, pictured later, trying to keep ole girl in house.


Because whether he knows it or not, the second this babe pumping gas started making news, he lost the battle of the Silky smooth white woman.


(there is a ZERO percent chance this dude can hold this babe down while she’s in college)

But let Lake, an old playa from the himilayahs give you some advice. When you’re in your dorm room at Cal State Fullerton and you call up to Allison’s room, you’re going to hear a male voice in the background. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just Jamal Boykin (or his equivalent), former Duke recruit and new Cal Basketball star, plotting to bang out your girlfriend.


Now, your first reaction will be to yell at her, maybe hurl a racist blast or two at Stokke, but don’t do it.. And why? Because a better looking, better hitting and more looted cat with more cache and juice is bound to take your damn woman. Hell, if I were 2 years younger, I’d take her myself and I don’t even live in Cali. It’s going to happen, so just go with the flow, play the role of the cool boyfriend who trusts his lady and continue to get at that tail as long as you can. Because believe me, the harder you fight it, the more you’re just killing yourself. Just looking at these pics I can tell you have limited style, hardly any juice and zero game…


So congrats for taking Allison this far, now move over for the real pimps, players and hustlers to be doing everything in their power (and believe me they’ll have plenty of tools) to knock off your lady and dare you to say something about it. Enjoy.

– Lake

12 Responses to “Stokke the flames: Smooth white woman Allison Stokke part 3”

  1. Silky Smooth white woman alert: Allison Stokke « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Again, more Stokking the flames, Allison Stokke pics for part 3 here. […]

  2. Marquis Chapman Says:

    Haha. Yea this is very true. Once she goes to college, it’s a wrap for that guy, especially if she goes to a school that has a good basketball or football program. She might be swooped up the first day. That guy better enjoy it while it last.

  3. SG Says:

    Goodbye Allison Stokke. Hellooo, Natalie Gulbis – If Allison Stokke was last week, Natalie Gulbis is this week. Check out this photo gallery of the hottest new female sports star

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    It’s unclear what she’d want with a hood dude. One thing I know is that she won’t be with this dude…

  5. Al Stokke Says:

    You’re such a dork. Quit wh@ckin off to IR p*rn and get back to the real world.

  6. The Gremlin Says:

    Fuck you for getting at my brother Jamal Boykin like that. he does not deserve the disrespect that has been shown to him in this article..from the savage, sexual way that you depict him with your words, to the racist comment that you would possibly throw at him if this young woman even had the chance to get him. Jamal Boykin is a class act, and deserves a lot more respect than you gave him in this article. Pick on someone else, and leave my brother alone…..And for all the rest of you low-life muthafuckers that get at my brother with the racist comments of calling him ghetto, like I said, he is a class act and should not be treated with this much disrespect. I don’t care how funy you think this is, you don’t him…IT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE….

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    Whoa whoa whoa.. we are big fans of Jamal… What you talkin bout Willis?

  8. Potsy Says:

    Who’s fuckin site is this and why is this girl so fuckin hyped up. Shes cute but honestly she doesn’t deserve anyone taking the time to write this bullshit. Oh and why the fuck would you come at Jamal Boykin. He’s a good motherfucker. Grow up dude! WWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

  9. The Gremlin Says:

    Here’s what I’m saying: CHOOSE SOMEONE ELSE FOR TO REPLACE MR. BOYKIN…the comments made such as “hood dude” and “some piece-of-shit from the ghetto.” That is completely disrespectful of both writers. Not to mention, having Jamal in this article already puts him in a position to be talked about in the comments (i.e. the two comments that I stated above). If you liked Jamal and were “big fans” of his, he would not even be in the article.

  10. Chrissy Says:

    You people are just awful.

  11. Cracker Killer Says:

    Talking shit like a cracker! Your right, you will ease on up trying to smooth talk, and after bothering the shit out of her to the point she feels scared if she doesn’t hang with you you make your move. Hopefully, she kicks you in the dick and tells your cracker ass, fucking your cousin on a fucking farm in the south somewhere without running water, don’t realize that you LOST the civil war, bitch ass, fucking little dick bitch, who can’t fuck (this is for you), can’t play sports, can’t make money like me and who is genetically inferior to me ass to go fuck yourself or maybe your meth infested, wouldn’t fuck you mother with YOUR dick ass cracker ass cracker, bitch mother. Eat a dick and die, then meet your ancestors in hell. Thanks for playing.

  12. Lake Arlington Says:

    Dude, the racist shit is not cool. Please no more.

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