Rafer Alston with a $21 Million Contract is Still Skip 2 My Lou


There will always be a debate about streetball players and if they had the “discipline” to pay organized NBA ball. Enter Skip 2 My Lou. Sure, when he entered the league he signed a string of 10-day contracts, was a bit player off the bench, just worked on the fundamentals. Well, now he is a starter on the Houston Rockets, and up until they ran into the Boston buzzsaw, had a second of all time record 22 win streak under his belt.

Skip found himself up by 12 in the final seconds a game against the Lakers and decided to straight boogie on Sasha Vujacic.

I’ve watched that video about 10 times, and I still don’t know what he did. I like how Sasha just wanted to fight him after that though.

Sasha, trust me, it could have been much worse. At least he didn’t bounce it off your head like he does this cat in his And 1 Mixtape.

Skip knows how to work the rock like I know how to work the…



I’ll tell you this.  I fully believe that Sasha would have gotten in dat ass.  Skip don’t want none of that Eastern Block drama.


All those cats do is blow fools up, hold hostages and kill mufuckers.  Had it really gone down, Skip would have been waiting for Hot Sauce, AO and that rather rotund announcer (Aooow Bay-bee) to jump in, but those cats would never have came.  I know, I know, white cat standing up for his fellow Aryan, believe you me, I’m more White Chocolate than I am Vlade, more The Professor than I am AK 47….


In short, USA, USA…but I still say Rafer would have gotten dat ass whooped.

– Lake

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