New iPod Touch to hit the streets


You know I’m a sucker for new technology, and I usually ride the sideline until the second generation release, but this is a no-brainer.  Apple is releasing the sixth generation iPod with iPhone-like screen and touch interface!


That’s right, all the good stuff about the iPhone: cool interface, slick design, envy of strangers…with none of the downside: shitty AT&T service, small storage size, ridiculous price for more than you really want.  Hopefully they keep in the wi-fi access and a web browser.  Just strip out the phone functions, the camera, email capability and all that other crap and give me the iPod I wanted before the iPhone came out.

They are also supposedly updating the iPod mini, to a small and square version already dubbed the iPod phat. 


Nike is probably pissed at all the money that they will have to spend to revamp that shoe thing they’ve got going, but it probably just means more money for them too.

I will be the first on the block to grab one.  I’ll let you know how it is.


And a few hundred thousand iPhone early adopters simultaneously shed a tear

3 Responses to “New iPod Touch to hit the streets”

  1. raafman Says:

    wait, I thought you already bought an iPhone?

  2. Brock Hardon Says:

    I can’t stop myself, I’m working on it. What can I say?

  3. Tay Zonday Says:

    Mr. Hardon,

    If you do purchase the iTouch, may I suggest you also get the Bang & Olufsen headphones as well? It really captures the full range of my voice, especially the complex arrangement of my latest hit.

    Warmest regards,
    Tay All Day

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