Making the Band 4: Laurie Ann Gets FIRED by Puff! “No Interjections”


UPDATE:  Check out our latest update of Season 3 of Making the Band 4, “Laurie Ann Returns” HERE


Listen, I was supposed to let me boy Brock lace up the MTB4 updates, but after watching the last show, I just had to say something about the conflict between Diddy and Laurie Ann. You guys know Laurie Ann, the crazy choreographer who clearly thought she was more attractive and talented than she really was.. case in point:

Album? Superstar? Has this chick completely lost all her good sense? First off, she played herself in that absurd electric blue leotard with those “ab implants” or whatever that soft middle region was supposed to be. Second, “baby gurl” was a fly girl on In Living Color, yes THAT early 90s hit TV show. That means she’s at least 37 years old (roughly the same age or a little younger than JLo). And finally, she beefed with a monster in the music biz, Sean Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Combs — WHY?!?! I mean, did I really hear her say that without her “there would be no show” and “you can’t edit me out”? Excuse me? All we know you from is the Making the Band series, which means you owe all of your public fame to Puff, no matter how many random artists you’ve choreographed videos for.


Damn, damn damn.. And what’s this we hear about her calling the NYPD on Puff supposedly because he threw a chair at her? Hey, I don’t care if he pulled a Remy Martin and shot you, you don’t f*ck with Diddy when you’re trying to start a career in singing and besides, even if he did, I’m with Puff on this one. And boy oh boy, I can’t lie. That final exchange between Puff and Laurie Ann was CLASSIC (reminded me of more than a few Durham Don “Corleone” exchanges I’ve witnessed of the years).

Puff: they’re gonna have to be able to dance, ya know? How long did they rehearse?
Laurie Ann: Just today
Puff: Today? Why was it just today (voice of total incredulity)?
Laurie Ann: Because that was the task…and we had 8 hours…and they were better when they left.
Inaudible cat in the background: uhh, err, this is the first time we could get her (Laurie Ann) in.
Puff: OK, then I told you to get me another choreographer, because right now, you want me to make a cut, I can’t make a cut on guys who learned a routine in one day.
Puff: (in utter disbelief, mouth agape, per usual) I didn’t know it was one day, I wouldn’t have been able to learn all that shit in one day —
Laurie Ann: (sounding like a 7 year old, rather than the 37 year old she is) Yes you would have…
Puff: Baby gurl that aint what I said to do with MY SHOW MEH! I told you if she can’t do it, get me another choreographer, that’s it.
Laurie Ann: (in baby talk) May I interject?
Puff: No interjection. There’s only one! (HAA) Only one person’s show.
Laurie Ann: (semi yellin) No, I don’t have a problem with, based on-
Puff: Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Naaah, I’m, Baby gurl, I’m not takin no interjections
Laurie Ann: I was just–
Diddy: I’m not takin NO INTERJECTIONS (LOL, this was just too good)!!
Puff: (slight, almost imperceptible pause) Now I’m about to go psycho for real
Laurie Ann: (inaudible neck poppin, gum smackin and mean muggin) So am Eyeee!
Puff: What? Well GET THE FUCK OUT THEN!!!!!!
Laurie Ann: I’m not scared of you!!! (translation: This is a major mistake. What am I doing right now, I’m deeply concerned and fearful for my career)

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo we!!!!! I loved that sh*t.. Had to run it back on Tivo at least 5 times. Oh man. I wonder if he absence/inability to teach them the “routine” earlier that weekend had anything to do with that reality show she’s now shopping. That would make the “Baby gurl, there’s only one” smack make sense. He’d been telling her to “shut the f&ck up all season long”. I guess she didn’t get the hint.


And this babe is going to publicly talk shit about Diddy AND call the NYPD on him and think she’s gonna get a record deal or get this random reality show off the ground? Maybe she better go ask Dylan, Fred, Nes, Babs, Sarah (and that Ike Turner Jr. Jr. clown husband of hers) and Chopper about what happens to your career when you don’t act right with Puff.

Let me ask yall a question, with all this “Baby gurl” talk and this uncomfortable, non-professional, line steppin Laurie Ann was doing, what percentage would you put on the probability that Diddy is, has or can whenever he wants to bang out Laurie Ann?  I’d put it at about 98.54% probability of that ass tappities have occurred.  Too funny….

– Lake

10 Responses to “Making the Band 4: Laurie Ann Gets FIRED by Puff! “No Interjections””

  1. kim smith Says:

    i think that girl has adhd she need help

  2. david letterman Says:

    why the hell are you dick riding puffy? .You are all on his nuts like Michael Bivins. you are lame as hell. Go get a job.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Letterman, I’m just trying to understand here, who’s on whose nutts right now? Sometimes I sit up at night, just wishing a late night host would get off of mine.. 😉

  4. kesha Says:

    I am glad laurie stood up to “‘dickie” becacuse that’s what he was being to her. If the rich can talk to people like that the poor don’t have a chance.
    So “dickie” what goes around come’s around. P.s. you lied on those proactive infomertials your face is still bumpppppy

  5. Bee Says:

    AMEN! All these people on his dick…c’mon he was so disrespectful all that “babygirl” shit.. I don’t care rich or poor have some respect. Im glad she left, and yes everyone needs to stop dick ridin puffy. his gay ass
    hes waccckkkk and rude and guess what diddy YOU AINT THE SHIT!!!

  6. Red Says:

    I haven’t bought ANY Bad Boy products since Biggie died. It’s not worth it. It’s like the difference between watching a movie and watching a FILM. Movies are just for temporary escape, but films are works of art that have a lasting appeal. Nothing like that has come out of Bad Boy since Biggie died…PERIOD.
    Hell, Teena Marie’s album from Cash Money Records sounded WAY better than New Edition’s record from Bad Boy and I’m a huge NE fan. If Bad Boy is the only label that will f*ck with you, maybe you don’t need to be singing.

    Other than that, I wish Diddy the best of health and hope that he can go back to making QUALITY music as soon as possible, not that ignorant, young-boy B.S. he had New Edition singing.

  7. Erika J Says:

    Does anybody know where I can see a video of what happened? That was so hilarious I wanna see it again!

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    unfortunately it’s not on youtube.

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