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Grand Theft Auto IV: This is Going to be Great!

April 2, 2008

Grand Theft Auto has always been a favorite here in the Us Versus Them offices. I didn’t see Lake for about two and a half months when Vice City came out, and we both put a ridiculous amount of hours into San Andreas (CJ reminded me of myself back in my bangin’ and slangin’ days. OK, fine. It wasn’t guns and drugs…but I was bangin out and slangin’ them thangs) So GTA IV is about to hit PS3 and XBOX and we’ve got the new trailer.

HAAAAAA. Damn, That would actually be hilarious. I guess they pulled quotes from when Chris Tucker was actually funny. Let me tell you, I’d buy the game the day it came out if I could yank a cat out of their car and scream “you got knocked the fuggout!” as I drove off.

Some say Chris Tucker stopped being funny right after Friday and Money Talks. Some people draw the line right after Rush Hour. I draw the line about halfway through The Fifth Element when he popped up looking like this:


Once again, as I’ve explained before, this is not a situation where you can just drop a “no homo” and get yourself off the hook. You’ve already gone too far. Waaaaaaay too far.

On the real though, I’m getting that GTA IV. No one gives you wide open gameplay like Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar.