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The curse of Hope Solo: Ryan out as coach

October 23, 2007

All-Time worst teammate ever, Hope Solo, got part of her wish yesterday when US Women’s Soccer Federation (or maybe it was some chicks next to a bullhorn) announced that Coach Greg Ryan would not be retained as the team’s head coach (where does a disgraced ex-women’s National Soccer Team coach go anyway? U-12 boy’s recreation league?)


At any rate, who knows what the queen of all bitchiness and unsportsmanlike behavior will get into next (maybe a shot at Tila Tequila, she seems like she may go that way). She hasn’t played in a single game since she broke ranks her Brianna Scurry, he coach, team and country over in China.


Maybe she’s planning to put a hit out on Scurry next. Hope is a muthafucka!

– Lake