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Are you ready for some American Idol?

January 15, 2008

I know I am. And for all you true fans of the show, I know you’re amped that the season starts tonight:


errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I meant:


Hey, I know the show is a little bit cat and the concept is completely played, but American Idol is my Reality TV crack and I’m ready to smoke it up most righteously in front of all you mufuckas this season!!!

Honestly, what’s not to love about American Idol? It’s reality tv at it’s finest. You get it all. Horrible cats who can’t sing, but truly believe they can like Mary Roach aka Mary Gilbeaux:

Then you have the ass clown who can’t sing at all, knows it, but just plays the game properly, gets on tv and milks the entire system for their loot cakes. Oh yes, young William Hung was laughing all the way to the bank on this one:

Hard to hate on this cat. I mean, he did have a record deal and he did get paid. Better than we can say for this clown.


Anyway, what I really love about American Idol is how they shamelessly play off stereotypes. I mean, look, the anti gay defamation league, if such an organization exists, should be all over this show. I’m not sure why, but every gay cat in every city without a shred of common sense or dignity seems to feel obligated to come on that show and act like a complete nut. My favorite example of that, of course, is my boy (not really) Nathaniel Golden of “Listen Nate, it was just terrible dude” fame. Peep his act.

How hilarious is it that this cat choose to sing “My Girl” for his song and further, that it was so fucking horrible? Perfect.

Come on now, this show is just great. Simon is great for obvious reasons, Randy is surprisingly ill and Paula is nutty as a Christmas fruit cake. Anyway, there’s just too much to talk about here. All I know is that I’ll be looking for that next American Idol internet scandal to pop off right around week 4.




Hey, it’s all the same. And yes, I still think those leaked pictures of that chick were in fact Antonella Barbara hooking up that microphone checka….hey, you decide, Not Safe For Work but found HERE. OUT.

– Lake


Damn, I forgot how bad that Antonella Barba was.   Yeah, we need more of that.  Don’t forget my favorite American Idol mugshot…Corey “Sideshow Bob” Clark.



The Return of Tay Zonday: The Get Paid Edition

December 6, 2007

Remember Tay Zonday, the Chocolate Rain guy? Well, he’s back and trying to get paid.

Shilling Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper, getting covered in Chocolate? That’s crazy.  At least they didn’t hit him with the chocolate 2 Girls 1 Cup style.  Whoever was behind this was tight enough to preserve the joke, unlike all those terrible tv performances that happened after the video blew up the first time.  You gotta move away from the mic to breathe!  That is the best part.  Otherwise this is just a weird dude singing with a deep voice.

Where’s that chick who posted about how deep Tay Z’s lyrics were?  About how Big Brock was just a hater and needed to see how reflective and thought provoking Tay could be.  Was that Hugh Hefner jacket Tay is rocking thought provoking enough for you?  How about all those videhos he’s surrounded by?  Tay to the Z indeed.

In reality, all this is a low budget William Hung to me.

She bangs!

You know I have no professional training…in singing.