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Unbelievable Uber Chick: Vida Guerra

August 2, 2007


This post is a direct request from one of our loyal readers, Chico in Dallas. He asked me why we hadn’t been representing the super slim-thick, uber chicks of Latin descent on the site. Our response was that we didn’t know and that it was our only problem.


Problem solved. Some love the polished, air-brushed and touched up pictures for the fantasy they provide. But with Vida Gurra, I prefer the grainy truth from her own cell phone.




And these aren’t even the racy ones.


Crazy. I’m not sure any human can top this babe. Tail, face, just everything is completely on point. I guess you could take away a 1/2 point for the enhanced chest piece, but still…. This is just out of control. She makes Kim Kardashian look like Ashley Simpson. Insane.

– Lake in Love


Lakey-boy, you readmy mind. Here she is on the cover of Dub Magazine this month. (Anyone got a better pic?)