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Usher and Big Mama Splitsville?

May 22, 2008

I guess when homey said he wanted to make love in that club, he wasn’t bullshittin. Reports claim that Usher Raymond and his crazy/terrible wife, Tamkea “soon not to be” Raymond, have filed for separation.

No kidding. I see young Ursh finally figured out what we’ve all been seeing ever since he sported the babe in public: 1. YOU’RE USHER!!!!!!!!!!! and 2. She’s AWFUL!!!!

With attitude to boot? Hells no! Look chick, it’s time for Usher to go out on tour, so you know what that means…dats rye, you best start reading the fine print on that prenup!!! Homey got married in his lawyer’s office, so you know he’s got that taken care of.  Jeez. More later…

– Lake