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Uncle Luke, Say it Ain’t So!

July 25, 2008

Now I’ve seen it all, we might have to shut Us Versus Them down after this one.  Hell is freezin over, pigs are flying, Lake doesn’t have any more loot in the bank account, and suddenly I like Js more than ass.

Uncle Luke, Mr. Don’t Stop Get it, get it got married.

Man he looks happy too.  The problem is, the first thing I tried to figure out when I looked at his wife was whether she is an ex-shake dancer.  Now although this is not a full length shot, I do know she’s got a fat ass.

Why is this such a problem for me?  Because here is the Luke Campbell we all know and love.

It took me about two minutes to even figure out what was going on in this picture.  I was like…oh that is whipped cream…oh that is a woman…oh damn there is another woman under there.  Does that dude look like he’s ready to settle down.

Look I went to a Luke concert in Atlanta when I was like 13.  (Pac was there…as a background dancer for Digital Underground)  Luke had women getting buck naked in front of an entire arena of people…not dancers he brought with him, I’m talking about chicks out of the crowd.  Sure…they might have worked at Magic City, but they weren’t being compensated for their performance.  I think at some point he might have gotten head on stage too.


THAT dude just got married.  Talk about not doing a background check.  He probably met her in church.


Ridiculous Throwback Video

September 30, 2007

Hey, I’m not trying to have the “Throwback Video of the Day” like every other site. But I just happened upon this old classic, Knocking the Boots, by H-Town.

I mean, the song is just so terrible that it ends up being great in so many different ways. Here are a few observations that just came to mind:

  • Uncle Luke‘s stated definition of “knocking the boots”: “Knockin da bootz iz when two bootz come together making tasteful lust, hence, ergo, etc. etc. also known azz makin’ goo- love”
  • The pre-historic video hizzo lighting up the candles (remember when you used to do that, lol) with a damn blow torch
  • The stomp girate, stomp girate dance moves in the back by those Devante/Mr. Davin wanna bees
  • The high top fade/high top slope (which incidentally was out of style by the time of this song came out)
  • The non-fitted backwards hat piece, just hangin on for dear life on that fool’s dome piece as he speaks out his corny prologue

I mean, the list goes on and on… It’s all just so classic. I don’t especially remember actually knocking bootz to this song as it was probably a bubble song on my freakdown mega mixtape, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt. Who am I kidding? I musta hit to this song at least once. Ok, nostalgia over..

– Lake

Oh and don’t forget that this song was made into “Knockin da boots for Christmas”…literally. That will make our “worst Christmas songs ever” list come December. Stay tuned.