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Tim Tebow Will Be The Greatest Quarterback Ever!

May 6, 2008

At least if Lake’s unified theory of Sports Wives and Girlfriends (WAG’s) holds up. If you are new here, Lake has put together evidence that a professional athletes performance directly correlates to the hotness of their Wife and or girlfriend.

Take a look at who Tim Tebow plays two-hand touch with after the games.

Oh my goodness. You know I’m an assologist, so this isn’t usually the pool I swim in, but as Ali G says…respeck.

I gotta catch another angle on this.

Young lady, I think you may be big Ms. Bossy and I don’t think that little drawings hands are supposed to be so far apart. Cute girl though. Interns, can you do any better. Full body shot maybe?

Well wait a got damn minute here. She’s thick in the thigh with dubs on high? Is that back ass cheek trying to explode up out the back? Dammit Tim, you better wife this chick. You will be a lock for the hall of fame. This young lady might make the hall of fame on this ummmm, body of work, alone.

Lake is going to lose his mind when he sees this.

Shout to Will in the comments for putting us up on this one.



Damn, Timmy T has that babe on his team? Wow. I can’t lie, she’s pretty dope. But you know how those healthy types can be. Maybe it’s just me, but I would guess she’s a clean 15 pounds heavier in picture one than she is in picture two and picture three she’s looking like Whitney from the current cycle of America’s Next Top Model.  And while the Hot Wag = Hot Performance on the field principle always holds up, he may want to put ole girl on a program to preempt that natural thickening agent known as TIME before that super thick top game turns into an Omega Moo special.

Now I know Timmy is a “Christian man”, but based on this Heisman, ole girl must be doing something right.

– Lake