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Marion, we know you did it, just admit it

October 5, 2007

Awww, I didn’t know until you told me!!!


Word on the street is that Marion Jones has admitted to using steroids, specifically a drug called THG or “the clear,” and plans to plead guilty to two counts of lying to federal agents on Friday. Goooooooo Tar Hells!!!


Hey, I know this is the gotcha moment, but is anyone really shocked that Jones was on the juice? BOTH her love interests, that bootleg Mark Henry looking CJ Hunter and Tim Montgomery are notorious juicers. You are who you hang with. Then Marion stepped on the track looking more like Marion Barber than she did Marion Jones.


Sheyut, at this point, would anybody be shocked if she grew a pair? I always wondered how things went down with her and lil Tim Montgomery. He never did look all that ahem masculine to me. I for some odd reason, I just never felt like Tim was hittin it right.


(Something in this dude’s smile aint right)

Also, SHE RUNS TRACK and THEY ALL JUICE. Come on. You can just look at those fools and see that they all juice. What are you going to tell me next, the WWE athletes juice? You going to tell me NFL guys are all ‘roided up? No, you’re going to shock me and tell me that every single cyclist, including Lance Armstrong, is a juicer? They all juice. It’s just the nature of the beast at this point. You can’t tell me anyone with a shred of common sense looked at a 6’, 2″ chick, with zero 0% body fat and saber tooth tiger chompers and tell me you didn’t know she was on some funny shit.


(Look at that chick’s stomach)

I mean, look at the broad. We all knew she did it, we just were waiting for her to admit it. Dude, if she was using ‘roids since 2000, how did that affect the baby she had with Tim Montgomery back in back in 2003?


That little cat already has freaky race horse blood in him via Tim’s and Marion’s mutant DNA, plus that double cocktail of juice on both sides of the family, sheyut, he’s probably looking like this by about now.


Marion, do you think you’ll ever be respected as an elite athlete again?


Yeah, I don’t think so either. You best bust a phone call to the WNBA once you get out of the pen. The game needs you and believe me, you’ll be needed them soon.

– Lake