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Man(ny) Up Monday: The Sellers Remorse Edition

August 11, 2008

So much happened this week.  The Olympics are starting, John Edwards just got exposed for hitting on the side, but this is a very special edition of Man Up Monday…we’re going to cover sellers remorse.

First, as the baseball trade deadline approached, the Red Sox cut Manny Ramirez loose.  He was too much trouble.  He doesn’t run out flyballs in right field.  He makes calls from inside the green monster.  Apparently he didn’t have any more use for the Boston Red Sox.

Well, since the trade, Manny is hitting .600 with four knocks and 11 RBI’s.  I don’t even like baseball, but I think I want that guy around my team.

How do you feel about that performance Theo?

Do you think you should have kept him?

Easy fella, don’t cry.  You got Jason Bay.  I’m sure he’ll be a real stud.  I’m sure all the fans in Boston really appreciate it.  You better hope Manny cools off, or those fans in Beantown are going to start tracking you down in the streets.  Hey, even Manny doesn’t know why you did it.

Don’t worry, this isn’t all about you.  There is another team setting up to catch a major case of sellers remorse.  In fact it might be the biggest case in history.

Brett Favre is a Jet?  Wow, what the hell is that about?  I know the Packers were in a bad spot, but I guess a fourth round draft pick looks good when you were willing to pay $25 million just to make the dude stay away.  At least you got something for it.

Packers, you’re next.  If Brett makes the Jets winners, you will all look like assholes.  Oh, and tell Aaron Rogers to keep the chinstrap on tight.  He’s gonna be taking hits everyday of the week.  Not just on Sundays.

Never Look Back.  Man Up!


“…Played by ‘Johan’ Santana…(guitar solo)”

December 4, 2007

Ok, that is the one and ONLY Wyclef reference you’ll ever get out of me. Yes, that was my ode to “Maria, Maria.” By the way, what exactly did Clef do in that song if ole boy was singing and Carlos Santana was playing the guitar… Somehow uttering “East Coast, West Coast” doesn’t qualify as a collaboration in my eyes. Oh well.


Fresh off a World Series Championship and reports say that the Sox are the only team talking to the Twins about acquiring the best left hander in the game. Damn, maybe Theo really is the Don.


Let me tell yall something. If the Sox get Yo-Han Santaner, there’s gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing around American League ballparks next year.


Are you serious? Johan Santana, Josh Becks, Dice K, Curt Schill, Wild Wakfield and Jon Lester/Clay Buchholz? Are you serious? With those bats in the line-up? And who are the Yankees to be setting deadlines on people, yeah right, just like they weren’t going to deal with A-Rod if he opted out, right?


Whatever, let this deal go through and it’s gonna be a footloose Pap, a bedazzling Ortiz, Manny being Manny and another World Championship ring cementing the Sawks as a true dynasty.


I look forward to it. Wow.

Here is what Curt Schilling had to say about it on his blog:

A rotation featuring Beckett, Santana as the top two is pretty much as good as it can get. The thought of pitching behind these guys has to fire ya up. That being said I look at it like this.

If we make the move we’ll have done so with Theo knowing whatever he had to trade to acquire him he can restock those spots either from within, or via trade. How much is too much when you’re talking about trading for the best left handed pitcher in the game? How much is too much when you consider what he and Josh could do over the next 5-6 years.

Finally an opinion from Curt that I can appreciate.


BoSox bullpen too much for the Rox

October 26, 2007

Things went so well in Game 1 of the World Series that when I was listening to sports talk radio yesterday the hosts and a few callers were quibbling about the way the Sox won. I guess blowouts are somehow not satisfying enough. Sheyut, I love a Duke Basketball blowout. Anyway, some ole coot on the local Boston dial was talking about how he’d rather a close 2-1 grind out kind of win with pitching battles and suspense. Well, ax and you shall receive.


Last night was an epic win…AGAIN. First Okajima was dealing out there and then my man wild Johnny Pappel-seed came in and it was lights out nillas!!!


Really, a cat like me got everything he was looking for. First, the Sox won. That’s most important. Second, Curt Schilling got the job done, but it wasn’t the dominating, shut ’em down, “I had my stuff going” smack he loves to come with. We all know Schill views himself as some sort of religious savior.


Nah, this time, Curt was holding on for dear life as he tried to keep that one run lead. But to his credit, he got the win and the Sox moved closer to the promised land. Nice work fellas.. And what can be said about the Rockies? Geez. You can’t win em when you get blown out and you can’t win em close. I guess those bats are afraid like Cerano from Major League (great movie by the way). Still, you gotta man up more than you’re doing. You can’t just let the Sox bitch you up like this and not do anything, cuz right now it’s looking like this to me.


I must admit though and this is hard for me, but boy genius Theo Epstein is looking pretty smart right now. This team he assembled has gotten the damn thing done and young Theo is showing everybody that he and his philosophy really is not to be fucked with.

Let’s just hope they can close the deal. Good work though T, Boston salutes you.

– Lake

Quick question for you Sox fans…

October 17, 2007

If the Red Sox’s strength is in their pitching, then why did Terry Francona leave the master of smoke and mirrors, Tim Wakefield, out on the mound after he gave up a home run and promptly put two batters on base with NO OUTS in the 5th?


(If you’re wondering, that’s me on the right last night as I watched that god awful 5th inning)

I just didn’t get that. And they showed Tito, just pacing around the dug out, looking like he wasn’t sure if he should go out and get that damn ball out of Wake’s hand.


Sure, a clean 4 runs later, now it’s time to bring another dude in? Terrible, awful. Terry is busy trying to conserve Beckett and company for later games while he should be thinking about survival. This is just silly. You get the sense that the Sox really could have won this series too. Just bad luck, bad decision-making by the manager and dammit, some pretty bad pitching too. Not good. Let’s hope they at least take game 5. What you got on that Manny, does it look good?


Hey Theo, what do you think the Sox chances are for game 5 and how do you like your Gagne and JD Drew acquisitions at this point?


Exactly. I think the Sox need a good slump buster to pull them out of this muck…hmm, where can I find–


Oh yes, perfect. Thanks darling. You’ll do. Kindly report to Fenway Park, not now, but right now.
– Lake