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That’s Just Nasty

June 25, 2008

Lake just hit me up from the road and here is an exact transcript of our conversation.

Lake: Hold on man, let me order this food.

Me: Where are you?

L: Boston market.

Me: Drive thru?

L: Yup.


Me: Yo, aren’t you driving?  How the hell are you going to eat Boston Market in the car?  That is a two handed meal right there.

Lake: I got a system.

(pause…longer this time)

Me: What kind of system can you possibly have? (I’m imagining this cat using the fork and knife like chopsticks, or cutting all the food up in the parking lot so he can eat it as he rolled, or worst case scenario just going one handed barbarian style.)

L: I get the carver (the sandwich) and a side of creamed spinach.  Between the dip and the scoop, I make it happen.

Come on meng.  That’s some white boy shit right there.  You still my nilla though.