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Threesomes in the Governor’s Mansion

March 18, 2008

I know what you’re thinking, but it wasn’t Eliot “Money Pay” Spitzer..nah, this was the only cat who Eliot can look in the eye and then legitimately call a fuck up.. Yep, that crazy ass clown, Jim “I am a gay Legend” McGreevey and his wild Portuguese wife Dina Matos McGreevey allegedly had “Friday Night Specials” which involved three-ways (and I aint talking Verizon my nillas) with their driver.


Jesus, what a debacle this cat McGreevey is. First off, homey is now fully living with his “gay life partner” up in some wild house in NJ. That’s wild, at least to me. I mean, dude was a full-on family man and GOVERNOR of one of our Nation’s largest States and now he’s got funky window treatments, a disco ball for a chandelier and “What is Love” on a constant loop in the crib piece?


Damn homey, it goes down like that? And how long do you think that clown has that “I am a Gay American” speech canned up? Was it me or did homey deliver that joint a little too well. Not only that, but his wife, you know the one who was getting spanked up by the limo driver (allegedly), was it just me or did she take the news that her world was crumbling a little too well?


Please note that this photo was taken AFTER he announced that he was a “Gay American”…. How would you take it if your man called that out? Contrast it against my homegirl Silda and her expression when Eliot got loose. She was NOT pleased, not one bit.


Anyway, now the cat is getting divorced and predictably his lady is trying to take him to the cleaners for their kid and his dough, which is understandable. Her argument, of course is that he used her for his own political gain and lied about his gay tendencies. He’s countering by saying that she knew he was into some freaky shit as evidenced by the threesomes they enjoyed with the limo driver. And by the way, the limo driver has said, under oath, that he banged her out too.


How weird is this chick for smiling at the presser where her Husband, THE Gay GOVERNOR, resigns in disgrace and tells the world that she’s been getting played for all these years? Not I’m a Bi-American or that I like to “cut on the edge” no, it was “I’m a Gay American,” meanwhile, she looks like she pleasantly taking in an episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Odd. But then her vibe changed up once the ole Gay Gobner came out with his book and decided that he wanted to take their daughter and stick her for support… Wow, now that’s how you reverse it!


Next thing you know, she’s “writing” books and going on Oprah. Hey, I don’t know this babe, but I know she’s international weird. That look on her face, that tricked out body she’s still got and this wild book she came with way after the fact. Something don’t add up. So do I think the limo driver was getting his Friday Night cut session on.. Hell yes. Who knows what kind of wild freakiness they be doing over there in Portugal? Sounds about right to me.

I know, I know, he just married you to further his political career (like you just married him because he’s a nice guy). As if you were the only stepford in town. Hey, I aint saying you definitely know if your man is gay, because a good switch hitter who likes an occasional “card game” (yes I saw that Law and Order and it was awful) can get anybody… But if your dude is truly gay, like, “I don’t want to mess with women at all AND I’m a Gay American” gay, you’re gonna know that. Don’t tell me she didn’t know ole boy was a bit off, because you know he tried to stay in the game with the tools ole girl provided him. That’s all I’ll say about that. But anyway, she denies that she was banging out the driver or that she knew he was gay until she discovered his affair with some staffer. Lol… Riiiight and meanwhile, word on the street is that everybody in Jersey knew that cat was gay as Johnny Cakes on Easter Sunday.


The first lady was getting hammered by the help… Geez…God bless Amurica.

– Lake