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2 Idiots + 2 Tasers=1 Act of Idiocy

May 20, 2008

You know we love tasers here at UvT. But this one takes the cake. Two guys were fighting over a parking spot in Colorado and both were strapped with tasers and unloaded on each other. I’ve been spoiled by the youtube era because I want video of this immediately. Don’t you just assume that when you hear a story like this there will at least be a shaky camera phone account of the incident. I’d pay to see this one. These guys could have really been in trouble. Doesn’t electric shock make your muscles tense up? They could have been stuck in an endless loop of stupidity.

Well, since I don’t have actual video of the incident, I’ll just run some random videos of people being tasered. Always great.

That was good, but not as good as “cop tasers himself”.

Is the action of using a taser on someone to tase?  or taser?  Is a taser an object that tases?  “Don’t tase me bro” implies that there is a verb “tase”.  Is it a brand name like “google” that has just been turned into a verb and we are really talking about an electro muscular disruption technology?  I can see I’ve overanalyzed this.  I just looked up tase in the dictionary, it’s not there.  Bye-bye five minutes of life…I’ll miss you.