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Survivor China Finale: Todd wins!

December 17, 2007

So I went ahead and peeped the end of Survivor China tonight.


It was very odd. Usually the people on the show look significantly better once they get all that grime and mud off them, but not this bunch. Almost everyone look bloated and caked-up with make-up on the reunion show. Brock asked early on who the hot chick was supposed to be on the show. Generally if you need to ask that question, the answer is that there wasn’t one. In theory Amanda was supposed to be the hot one and in fact, she had been in several beauty pageants coming in.


Hey, it’s not my cup of tea, but that’s a respectable thigh by anyone’s standards. And while it could have some more curve on it, that hamstring is talking to that arse piece in the far right picture. I can’t lie, she was looking exile sexy toward the end of the show. She’s naturally a somewhat stocky girl, so the Survivor diet fit her nicely.


Now that damn Courtney, who inexplicable got two winning votes by the way, did not take well to the Survivor diet.


Literally never. They said the chick started the show at 94 pounds and ended that joint at 86 pounds. Dammit!! There just has to be something illegal about that. Please note that you never heard her complain about a lack of food. That ought to tell you something. Yeah, your dad was tall and skinny, but A. you aint tall and B. he really wasn’t all that skinny. Only you are. And how did that chick get on the show anyway? I know you want a biatch to mix things up, but she just took things way too far. That line about how Denise didn’t deserve the money “because she sucked at life” was so so ill.

Speaking of Denise, she took it on the chin as a result of the show, so much so, that Mark Burnett had to break her off with $50,000 just for being so miserable. I mean, she lost her job as a lunch lady, she extended that mullet because it made her feel more feminine


(huh?) and then she even got iced out by the fans as the favorite Survivor. And let me ask, if her family is so poor and hard off, why was everyone in the family famously plump? Hey, I’m not trying to go Courtney on her, but she was a bit too vocal about why she deserved to stay in the game, like she didn’t ice out Piegh Gee. It’s not like cats aren’t out there trying to win too.


Oh and those Shoalin Karate sessions Denise demonstrated for us at the ancient temple..awful. She’s a 2nd degree blackbelt? I didn’t know JC Penny reversibles for $4.29 qualified. Hey, I’m like James Brown, I don’t know Karate, but I know Ka-razy and I’ll tell you right now, I’d call on the 36th Chamber, use my Wu Tang style and bust her candy ass in mixed martial arts.


Those moves at the temple were Daniel-son-eque and believe me, that’s not a compliment. Anyway, Todd won and he definitely deserved it.


He was the best game player and at times it definitely seemed like he was the only one playing the game. I couldn’t understand how Amanda didn’t know that she had no chance to win against Todd. That was not smart. You just had to like Todd to step up after kicking everyone off to be able to say, “Hey, I’m the man (sort of), I played the best and I won this shit. Everyone else road my coattails.” It’s just too easy and true by the way.

What I didn’t like about Todd was that damn lipstick he was rocking on the finale show. That was terrible. Anyway, James got the fan favorite $100,000, Todd got the mil and Denise got the sympathy $50 stacks. I can’t be too mad at any of it. Oh and this just in, the winner of the best looking Survivor is Peih-Gee.

tn_12807_sc5-peihgee.jpg s_d3ef735c11f6798bf5dac98deb0755b9.jpg


No question, she cleaned up nicely, had decent J game and an above average face. She just edged out Amanda who almost backed into the award, but something about the weirdo puppy dog eye she was giving during the last show bothered me.


What can I say?

– Lake

Survivor: China Finale

December 16, 2007


The finale is here. First things first. DirecTv faded me from the first 15 minutes of the show, so I missed the early recap of the show. I’ll go ahead and assume that not much happened though. I got back in when Jeff was explaining the rules for the reward challenge.

8:18 pm: We get our first shot of Amanda’s blurred ass.


As you could see in my previous analysis, there isn’t much to blur out.

Denise couldn’t even get past the damn bridge before everyone else was at the end. Later she complains that she is always picked last. Well she’s not very good at much and she quits on herself quite a bit. That will get you picked last every time.

Amanda Pixelpants wins the challenge and gets to pick someone to share her pizza, beer and brownies with someone. Brock doesn’t share his damn pizza and beer with anyone. It is definitely better not to leave hater Todd with anyone else though. By the way…did I miss when they gave the car away this season? When the hell was that?

8:30 pm: Here comes “fallen comrades”. It actually isn’t as boring and drawn out as it usually is. Most of the time it is a ridiculously long hike or paddling in a boat and takes forever. Not only that, but it forces the final four to comment on people they met over a month ago and knew for about three days. At least they mixed in exiled survivors reflecting on themselves. We know, we know, Survivor was a life changing experience. You will never be the same. You have lifelong friends. Thanks for that.

As a quick aside, Courtney goes beyond the negative arse. I know the chick weighs 80 pounds, but the hump in her back sticks out more than the humps in her backside.


Wow. Frosti thinks that is “out of his league” huh?

8:55pm: Final Immunity challenge. Nice job Amanda. Not only did you manage to steal someone elses buff to rock as a skirt keeping you off the FCC most wanted list, but you are the plate stacking champion of the world. I actually prefer the ridiculously long endurance challenges. Back in the day they just made you stand on a platform for eight hours. Jeff probably put in a call to old Mark Burnett and let him know that he has a four hour limit at challenges before he needs to go back to his custom built luxury trailer back at camp.

So Amanda wins bowl stacking by flipping the last two bowls over, keeping them stable. Actually a huge strategic move. She deserves that final immunity.

9:15pm Denise gets voted out. She actually tried to scramble a bit there at the end. I appreciate the effort but she was always dead meat. Damn, good to know she’s still delusional. She thought she was going to win it all? Really? Denise you are the definition runner up. You are the person who gets to the end because you are decent enough at the beginning to stay on the team, yet you aren’t a big enough threat to get voted out. You can’t convince anyone that you made any strategic moves other than blindly following your alliance. You never made any strong moves at an immunity challenge. You might have gotten more votes than Courtney…might have.

9:30pm. Final Tribal Counsel. “The Power Shifts to the Jury” and all of that. Damn, Denise didn’t have any “jury gear” in the luggage. She looks like she brought a stack of identical tank tops whether she was taking showers or living outside.


Did she get that smock from the Frodo Baggins collection? She did comb out her mullet though, so she wouldn’t have to continue rocking the Mullet pony tail.

So far this jury isn’t attacking too much. James played it cool. He must know getting voted out was his fault. Jean Robert got smacked down by Todd and went back to his seat. Why isn’t anyone asking Amanda anything? Is she that irrelevant? These two chicks are really handing it to Todd. Amanda looks like she just got caught stealing milk money.


She won’t stand up for herself. Courtney is at least going hard and claiming her “strategy” was to go along with everyone.

9:51pm. There you go Amanda! Call that cat Todd out for stabbing every single member of the jury in the back. If he is going to go hard, make sure everyone realizes what he did. Oohhh here comes Denise. Look, someone in the final four alliance had to go first.

10:00pm. A little editing trickery from Jeff. Nice transition. I did actually liked seeing Jeff dip out of tribal counsel with the vote bucket tucked under his arm like a football to go jump into his jetski/helicopter/motorcycle to “drive” back to the finale show.

Todd wins. That is a few seasons in a row where the “game player” wins. I guess being an honest killer is the most respected role you can play in this game. I still think Amanda could have won. But she didn’t seem to even be able to convince herself that she deserved it.

Courtney looks like she put on a few pounds. Does that actually mean that she looks better though? I can’t tell.

Is Jean Robert serious with that skull cap? That’s not hot.

Todd. I know you were strategic throughout the show. But pretending that every single move was premeditation is just silly. Come on man, you were good, but you were no puppetmaster.

Uh oh, Denise got her mullet freshly feathered for the final show.  Wait, when did Jeff change shirts?  See, even Jeff keeps it pimpin.  He wasn’t rocking the jungle gear in Hollywood.