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Survivor China: Jaime Plays Herself

November 5, 2007

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We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, here’s the best of what’s gone down:

James said that Denise “better watch out” is she was a little bit younger, or he was a little older. Is age really the only thing holding him back? Come on brother! Are you attracted to her work ethic? She is a damn near mute with thunder thighs and a mullet.


Look at those sneakers, those gotta be long ’bout size eleven or twelve. You gonna get up on that James?

Now I’ve watched every episode of Survivor since the beginning of the series. I get the theory of throwing challenges, but it is definitely bad Survivor karma. Not to mention the fact that Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett will set things up to get yo ass later. Sure enough, Jaime gets caught by the joke that Yau-Man tried to pull last year. Like James said, did she think someone was just going to leave an immunity idol laying around camp like they were leftovers. I guess James had two so he didn’t need anymore. Jaime plaaaaayed herself with that fake idol. Jeff loved it too after she threw that challenge a few weeks ago. Talking about “Jeff, isn’t this the time to play a hidden immunity idol if you have it?” Jeff was like, sure. Then played her when he threw it into the fire.


She was like, wait, whaaaaaaa? Oh, I got peaced out?

Sherea got voted off the island a few weeks ago. All of my little predictions are starting to fall apart. Sherea got caught up on the wrong team at the wrong time.


She tried to curse a few people out on her way out the door too while issuing the stank face.

So here’s how it’s shaping up.

James has decent alliances and two immunity idols in his back pocket. People are going to start sniping him not only because he is a physical threat to win individual immunity, but also because he has been a nice guy all the way through.

Todd is going to have a strategy meltdown. He is coming up with schemes that are about four layers too complex. He is trying to throw a challenge, while negotiating an alliance, while playing the hidden immunity idol, while blindsiding Jeff, while snuffing out Jean-Robert’s torch while he wasn’t looking. He’s going to drive himself into madness if he doesn’t watch out.

I think Frosti is still in a great spot to make it to the end. He won the first individual immunity, he doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar, and by time they pick off the big threats (Jean-Robert for being a jerk, James for being huge, Todd for scheming too hard, Pei-Gee for being annoying, and Courtney for being waaaaay too annoying, he will still be in the mix.

Next week looks like a good one as Todd tries to blindside James. Yeah, that’s not gonna work.