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Hillary Clinton on the Ropes!

February 11, 2008

What a difference a week makes…Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager was fired…errrrrrr...quit…was reassigned to “senior adviser” after Hillary got beat down over the weekend. Barack Obama took Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Maine, and the Virgin Islands. Not only did she already drop $5 Million of her own loot-cakes into the campaign last month, now Hillary looked up and just figured out that she might not get another win until March.


I know Hillary, you’re feeling a bit tired, huh?

On Tuesday, they go to battle in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Now Murrrlan’ (shout to Raafman) is supposed to roll with Obama, and Virginia is supposed to be Hillary’s best shot. Now DC you better stand up, you know how DC rolls, right?


That’s right, DC’s gotta go a brother’s way.

HIllary saw what happened to Rudy G. Three weeks without a win could be a straight death blow. If Barack wins Texas, PA or Ohio in any combination he will be solidly in the lead. Speaking of the lead, I’m a CNN man, but I’m tired of them throwing “super delegates” into the count without explaining the fact that they are doing it. Without them, Obama is up by about 80, with them Clinton is up by 100. Fine if you count them, just show it both ways. People who aren’t paying attention might actually thin Hillary is winning.

The real gangster thing is that this is going to come down to the wire. Some people know what will happen at the convention if neither Obama or Clinton goes in with the correct number of votes, but don’t let the general American public find out that their vote really doesn’t count and that we are going to have a wild west style decision for the nominee. Not only that, but this guy is going to be leading the discussion.

We’re gonna count the delegates, and Obama, and Clinton, and Edwards, then we’re gonna cut a backroom deal, and one of them will be the nominee and the other will be Secretary of State! Yaaaaaaahhhhhh!



I guess someone at CNN reads Us Versus Them because those fools finally owned up to the fact that Obama is leading Clinton in pledged candidates and fully explaining how they are calculating their delegate count.  Not only that, but they actually say that their superdelegate count is ALSO AN ESTIMATE.  A step in the right direction, but they are still on the asshole list for the moment.