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I want to tell 40 year old LL Cool J to stop

January 25, 2008

But with babes like this dropping it on him at Sundance, it’s kind of hard to justify.


Oh yes, smiles all around. Now dip baby dip, come on and….


dip baby dip, dip baby dip…. Damn, I didn’t think they had that in Utah. Maybe I should take another look at Mitt Romney after all.


LL felt a whoop coming on, a whoop coming on…


whooooop, whooooop, boy, she looks like she’s really ready for some whooop, whooop


Now stop, and wiggle with it (yeah). And yes, I know I’m switching songs. Dammit you gotta respect her effort. She done basically done everything Christina Milian told her to do in that “Dip it Lo” song and I’m sold personally. Jeez. Who else was at the partay..


Oh this chick in the purple is going in for the kill. Boy, look at the intensity of the chick on the right. Like she’s readying herself for battle, vicarious or otherwise. I think she might want to….


Oh, there she goes.. You know it’s tight when security gets in there. Must have been a good night.. wait a second what’s this…




Say what? Oh hail no. Post over.. I literally can’t take it and have come full circle. Unless that’s Snoop from the Wire digging in deep, then LL needs to go ahead and just retire. Awful.

– Lake