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Great Video: Stuntin is a Habit (Get Like Me)

July 29, 2008

Yo, I know I’m waaaaaaaay late on this song, but I just now put the video in the lab and I must say, it’s some of the finest work I’ve ever seen.

First of all the concept that I stunt, ball or just get mine more than the average cat will never die. NEVER. The theme is iron clad and I enjoy it when it’s perfectly executed. And how do you accomplish this?

1. Have a hot hook – Check

“Stuntin is a Habit, Get Like Me” – I mean, doesn’t that just say it all? It pretty much encapsulates my entire outlook on life.

2. Have that hot bounce on the beat – Check

A cat can’t lose with that beat.

3. Have a hot gimmick – Check

That wild “put it in the air” with the hot point to the heavens is just about right, ESPECIALLY when you couple it with those cameo appearances (more on that later).

4. Hook up the timely verse with a non-gay R&B supernova – Check

Dude, this Chris Breezy is just a certified hit maker. It can’t be denied. Homey is huge and everything I hear I like. You gotta take away a few points for the extra aggressive pop and lock session, but as my girl Jabber Jawz told me, “he’s just 19, he can do that.” Indeed he can!

5. Have Video hoes errr vixens – That’s a given – Chizzeck

6. Have HOT cameos with cats you’d NEVER see on any other rap video – CHECK

I had to hit that rewind button like 10 times and then pause it to ensure it was in fact Barry Bonds with that “Put it in the air” swing piece. Now that was FIRE. Then when he had Gavin and Joe Maloof (Yes, THAT MALOOF as in owns the Sac Town Kings and the Palms hotels in Vegas and lord knows where else) hooking up the “I got paper and you don’t” sign, I just lost it.

Shiiiieet, David Banner is a high level cat. It’s not wonder that he’s got all the necessary elements to get a spot on this blog. The cat is a holder of a college degree and I’m told was one dissertation defense shy of his PhD, but yet he keeps that requisite ignance you need and want from the genre.

Nuff said. Dude understands the ingredients to cook up some marvelous shit to get your mouth watering (Wu Tang reference for the informed). And now for my only criticism. They ask a basic question, “have you ever seen a Chevy with the butterfly doors?” My answer, “No” and since I watched the video, I still haven’t. Terrible, but overall I like it, A LOT. And old or not as soon as I get a little cold weather I’ll be taking that other German out of the garage, dropping the top and pulling out this new joint with this song blaring.

Chinchilla. Love it or leave it.

– Lake