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Rick Majerus and St. Louis Basketball score 20

January 14, 2008

Daaamn. This just isn’t right. Rick Majerus and the Billikens scored 20 points in a Division I basketball game last night. Before we get to the post, what the hell is a Billiken?


Wow, so I guess their school mascot is some sort of Shrek like troll? It is supposedly a sign of good luck…great for a little extra love during exams, but not so inspiring for your athletic teams. Give me a screaming eagle, a lightning bolt, even that gay Tampa Bay Buccaneer in creamsicle orange had a knife in his mouth to go with that jaunty feather in his hat. That was tougher. I mean look at this dude.


That’s just a big headed fool in a Jack Lalanne jumpsuit.

Now on to the game.  This squad scored 20 in a division I basketball game.  Not baseball, not football, basketball.  Let’s check out the squad:


Can someone tell that dude that you are not allowed to stick your tongue out when playing basketball unless you are this guy, or a twelve year old pretending to be that guy.  Jeez, no wonder they suck.  Look, soccer players heard about this score and said the game was boring.  That is a complete debacle.  A backcourt of Brock and Lake would have gone for at least 18 points, 6 boards and 5 assists.

I know Rick Majerus didn’t like this one bit.  Rick, whose fault is this loss?


Noooooooo, it’s not my fault.  Don’t point at me.  Come on now, be honest…whose fault is it?


That’s right.  It’s your fault.  Admitting your problem is the first step.