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Classic material: Gangsta Lean by D.R.S.

November 28, 2007

If you’re a true fan of R&B like I am, then you’ll know what I’m about to post. This right here is just a classic R&B video and an all-time favorite for Lakey the sensitive thug.

How did we get to this you ask? Just think back, it’s 1993 and Gangster Rap is just killing it on the charts. You’ve got Dre, Snoop, hell, even Ice Cube has a few wild hits, but you just can’t rap. Oh, but you can sang!!! So what do you do? Fashion yourself as a Gangsta R&B group. And why not? Jodeci was getting a little gangsta with their joint.


I think they killed someone in an interlude and still sold millions, so it’s possible right? Well, not really (remember that rumor about how Devante got pistol whipped and then ended up on the run?). As I’ve always said, R&B is inherently soft, corny and somewhat gay…


I mean, let’s face it. Some dude with more product on his lips than he’s got on his hair, shirtless and making all kinds of weird sexual faces as he croons his way to economic bliss.


That’s just a recipe for bitchiness. And what’s so hilarious is that they know they’re perceived as bitches, so they over compensate by getting extra gangsta with it, which of course always backfires. Fair enough, but Gangsta Lean was the one exception to that rule and I guess the other exception would be Nate Dogg who somehow has seemed to find that perfect balance.

At any rate, Gangsta R&B was short lived and generally awful because if there is one thing gayer than an R&B cat, it’s a studio gangsta, wanna-be-hard, looking more like an Oz prison beeyatch R&B cat who is fronting like he’s something he’s not.


(and yes I have heard the rumors that Jaheim is gay, who knows?)

Either way, I’m glad the genre is gone (sort of), but I’m equally glad that we still have this jewel, Gangsta Lean, to stash in our collective gangsta memory banks.

– Lake