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Decent Kanye spoof

September 30, 2007

This starts out slow, but it’s a decent little Kanye spoof on SNL.

Ok, that was kind of funny and pretty cool.. but it pales in comparison to this hilarious, REAL clip of ‘Ye wilin out like he aint got an ounce of good sense or home training.

Or this little gem with Kanye sporting a clean 15 pounds of extra hair, chin and face chubb.

Dude looks like he just got out the woods or something. Lookin real crazy. But I gotta admit, he saw the future, because right now, he arguably is that best. And I’m not looking all that forward to that Jay Z, American Gangster album either. Look, homey is literally pushing 40, it’s officially time to STOP rapping ‘fam’…