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The Best Reason to Stop Drinking

December 23, 2007

Now this is just messed up. Check out this story. Damn those cats got caught up. So here’s how this night played out, just like millions of other nights for millions of other dudes. A few Carolina Ballers were out of the club. Boys meet Girls at the club. Boys have a few drinks. All roll back to the crib to get down. Action begins to go down with a little hand tying on some old freaky shit. Black man shows up buck naked in the hallway holding a knife. Oh helllllll naw. That is the last thing anyone wants to see right there.

This raises so many questions. First of all, what did Black the Knife want? The police seem to have responded pretty quickly, so thins thing didn’t play all the way out, but where was this going? Did he want to watch? I don’t think college students have too much loot on them so it wasn’t a very well planned robbery. Was he about to get in on the action Senator Larry Craig style?

There are so many ways this could have gone differently, here is the first.


Now I know that getting your mugshot taken isn’t exactly like getting a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, but lighting and smiles aren’t bringing these chicks back from being who we thought the were…terrible. How many drinks did these dudes have? Did three self respecting 20 year olds really get lured back to the spot by these two? Honestly, they either rolled up on the fellas with a direct offer of sexual services, or their pimp game is truly tight.

Now I know the game down there in Durham and Chapel Hill after spending some time there. I’ve also seen the Carolina baller in action and there is no reason for them to dip this low, ever.

Let’s talk about this dude:


Yeah, that is Mr. Butt Naked in the hallway. Did he mastermind this whole thing? If so, once again, why? Let me tell you something if you ever hear of your man Brock getting caught up for a crime, you can be guaran-damn-teed there will not be other naked men involved in the planning nor execution phase of the plan. What was going through this guy’s head? And that better have been a damn knife in his hand too, and not a sword.

Well it all worked out and the police showed up in time to catch all the suspects. Those cats were about to catch the Carolina blues for real.



The best thing about this story, well, it’s the best for me, is when these cats come out and defend their conduct. You just know when they do, their basic defense will be, those cats A. Wanted 2 girls, one cup and one dude to come back to our crib for some wild Carolina Baller level sex romp, B. The being tied up, the knife and the wild “naked black man” was all done at the football players’ request.


In other words, “they wanted it” the oldest rape defense in the book. Only in this case, if the defendants levy that that explanation, some cats will immediately believe that on one level or another, these cats knew their was some man-on-man-on-woman-on-woman-on-man activity that was known to all from jump. I mean, seriously, I can see you meeting some chicks at the club, even some older chicks if you’re slump busting (and let’s face it, UNC football needs to slump bust) but bringing a wild dude back too?


Sounds fishy, sounds suspect, hell, it sounds like some of those wild gay Duke football team stories I used to hear back in the day…. I don’t know, but some of those cats seem a little too comfortable with their bodies and the bodies of other men. To me, you don’t let some hard ass thug biatches like this into the crib without some kind of understanding that it’s gonna go down. Granted, they may have been shocked when the knife came out, but these cats were down for something and whatever that something was, doesn’t sound good.

Honestly, is there anything in this world scarier than a naked cat in YOUR hallway with a crazy knife in his hand and rock hard dizzack? I don’t have any experience with crazy ass erotic gay horror, but I can only imagine that’s one of the top 5 things you NEVER want to see in your life. Just the idea of a cat cuttin and then really cuttin!!!!! Lord Jesus, help these people…