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Hide Your Wives & Daughters, Roger Clemens is Loose!!

May 1, 2008

Two days, two different sex scandal posts involving The Rocket. I didn’t know the HGH the Feds had been trying to link Roger Clemens with stood for “He Got Hoes”.

Damn, is there ANYONE out there that Roger Clemens hasn’t been nailing? I guess your 15 year old daughter isn’t enough, Rog wants your MILFing wife too!!! Oh yes, now “sources” are saying that Mr. “I’m a great American” was fucking John Daly’s now ex-wife Paulette Dean Daly.

And judging from the look on John’s face in this picture, he knew she was getting some “high heat” and worst yet, “the sinker” from someone other than him. Dammit, I tell you. You can’t trust anyone these days. Though, I must say, and this is grounded in absolutely no reasoning, there’s something about a pretty blond named “Paulette” from the country that just sounds suspicious to me off the top.

And what’s hilarious about all these accusations is that the only person who ever denies them is Roger. Peep what Shady Paulette had to say about “her friend” Roger the Dodger:

Yeah, I’ve known Roger quite a while and we are friends. You know what, I’m really uncomfortable talking about this. I’m just going to have to say, ‘No comment.’ I know Roger. I consider him a good friend. That’s all I’m comfortable saying.

Perfect. “Yeah, I known the dude for a long time, now as to whether I was f*cking him while both of us were married, I’m suddenly unavailable for comment.”

On some level you have to respect Roger’s game actually. I like the added touch where he always brought his hoes to the stadiums where he was pitching. I mean, why travel for ass when you can get it right there? Shit, why even take her into one of those apartments, homey should have just nailed her right there on the mound during batting practice.

He’s Roger Clemens after all, right? I mean, nobody would have known about this, at least not publicly, except that he called himself a “great American” and had the audacity to sue Brian McNamme over his alleged “good name.” Good name? He must be talking about when the hoes call out his name while he’s laying down that cutter. Yo, you know what’s funny? Almost any reference to a pitch can be spun into sexual innuendo.

Poor John Daly. This dude has had like 5 wives and nan one of them was about shit. He didn’t stand a chance against the Rocket.

“Hey honey, remember all those hoes I said I’d stop f*cking as long as you took some HGH and got your body back in shape after our 4th son was born? Well, I never did stop banging those hoes out and now a small group of them are coming back to bite me in my needle punctured ASS, oh, dropped call, C-Ya.”

Damn, what’s next for this guy? Could it get any worse? I mean, what, was he fucking Andy Pettitte, Joe Torre and the Boss at the same time he had the 15 year old country singer, a golfer’s wife and another random assortment of hoes on the end of his heater? Lol.

Am I the only one who is really enjoying this?

haaa Didn’t think so.

– Lake


Wow, not sure how I missed this, but the wife of Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake claims that The Rocket man wanted a piece of her back 18 years ago too.

Barbara Leslie, 43, of Winchester, MA, then a waitress at the Palace Nightclub in Saugus said that the Rocket asked her, “What would you do if I tried to kiss you?”

And then she replied:

“What would your wife say if you tried to kiss me?”

LOL. Jesus! This thing is so crazy… What the fuck was this cat thinking when he filed that defamation suit? And by the way, I don’t think this guy is the kind of dude whose wife you want to be messing with:

Haa. At least we know Rocket has major balls..for now.


Every pitch can be a sexual innuendo?

The Change Up?

The Curveball?

The Splitfinger fastball?

The Knuckleball? Don’t even want to know what that one is…

Damn, you’re right.

As long as I don’t catch the high heat I’ll try anything.


By the way. I know this is terrible, but John Daly’s wife is thick in those black pants…

Confirmed: Roger Clemens Likes Young Girls

April 30, 2008

I’ve been saying for years that Roger Clemens 1. was a MAJOR ASS, and 2. got a complete pass on all his bullshit from the fans and media.

Well now all those chickens are finally coming home to roost. Even the largest of the large Roger apologists are running and hiding in their little holes and I love it. First we get word that ole Rog was taking the spike, using the juice, roiding it up, along with his wife piece and now we’ve got news that homey is a pedophile? Huh?

Oh yes. A few days back the New York Daily News reported that Roger had a long-term relationship with a country music singer during his marriage to Ms. Roidger Clemens. No problem, right? Eliot got his client 9 on, MJ was buckin’ with pros for years…but but wait it gets worse (Onyx, Slam reference). Roger started up his relationship with Mindy McCready when she was 15 YEARS OLD.

I know, I know, Roger was just trying to keep shit 15 year old artsy like Miley Cyrus… I get it.

Yikes! Now, I don’t know what Miss McCready looked like back then, though I assume she was a FAST grower, but this is what she looked like a few months back.

Awwww naww. Let me tell you. When a woman takes a mug shot with a big ole gash on her face, but still maintains that ice grill, you know she’s a bad mufucka that’s been through some shit in her life. Anyway, I’m quite sure when Roger was slump busting with her, she looked more like this:

(I’ve always appreciated the open mouth, longing eye with the light ‘touch myself’ effect on the shoulder. It does good things for me) Or this:

And this:

I must say. I mostly hate country music, except that classic John Denver Country Roads is the fire, but that concave stomach piece is talking to a nilla and I’m sure it was talking to a Roger back in the day too.

I mean, forget steroids and HGH, whenever Roger was struggling or didn’t have his best “stuff” as they say in Baseball, I’m sure he just got a piece of her best stuff and all was right. Seriously, is there anything more rejuvenating in this world than a piece of young ass? Now, I’d like that young ass to be LEGAL ass, thank you very much, but hey, Roger is the best right hander of our generation (uh, no that would be Pedro Martinez, thanks) right? C’mon, he’s the Rocket….It’s All-American and clean. What strong American buck doesn’t want a piece of illicit country ass? It’s like apple pie.

Damn, maybe Lakey the Smooth needs to take a closer look at this country angle. Then again, that’s old school Mindy, you know, back when Roger had a use for her. It’s not new school Mindy.. let’s not forget what the Roger-less country singer looks like this now:

Damn. Aint nothing country sexy about that. I know, I know, Roger had her on his plane, in his hotel room, alone and all, but he wasn’t hitting that. You Roger lovers can save that talk right now. Let me tell you something, if you’ve got a teenage sanger up on your plane at 20,000 feet, you’re hittin.

If you’ve got a fast ass (sorry player, comment away) 15 year old up in your suite, you’re cuttin. Now, if you’ve got a 15 year old who looks like the above in your suite and you’re NOT hittin…well, then you’re an idiot. Why? Because everybody will assume you’re up to shady shit anyway, so you might as well get after it. Look, if you’re a grown ass man, don’t be alone with 15 year old girls who aren’t your daughter, period. And if she aint your daughter, what are you with her for anyway? I mean, what do you have in common, except this blog, mtv, vh1, reality tv, hip hop and everything else in pop culture. Ok, so you’ve got things in common with young girls. That doesn’t mean you have to be alone with them. Just don’t do it. I don’t give a damn who or what she is. It’s just not worth it on any level. If you have any respect at all in the community, the accusation alone will end you. Which of course is what Roger and his lawyer, corn pone Jenkins aka Rusty Baker are saying.

Ole Rusty says this is all some elaborate plan to sully Roger’s character. Sully his character? Dude is a scumbag already. You can’t dirty up something that’s already a piece of shat. And if it’s not true, if Roger wasn’t hittin them young 15 year old draws while he was 28 years young and married with two kids with K names, then why did Mindy admit that he was slaying it?

I know, I know, you can’t believe her, she’s a druggie who has lied and cheated her whole life. Kind of like her ex-boyfriend, the Rocket Man. I love the Rocket’s defense tactics. I mean, for real, it’s just that classic Eddie Murphy, Shaggy special…

“Caught me bangin a teenager, waddent me, my wife took them steroid, waddent me, Andy Pettitte admitted to HGH, waddent me, Hall of Fame is ova!”

– Lake