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Making the Band 4, Season 2: Robert’s Ex Lady June Speaks

March 12, 2008

I was supposed to post this a long time ago, but I’ve been getting faded of late. At any rate, in light of last night’s episode, which I’ll be addressing soon, I figured I’d give June a chance to say what she’s got to say since Robert was a major topic. She sent me this post a while back, so I’ll just put her words and pictures out there verbatim and yall can decide what you think. I didn’t realize it before, but this is in poetry form.

Check out June’s flow.

– Lake

======Robert’s Ex June’s UvT Post=====


I don’t care about the jokes…just like the show, it’s all entertainment:)
You can post my reaction to Making the Band 4, which is:
For those who didn’t know, June is about to get paid,
while yall all hyped up thinking June got played.
I gotta million indiviuals that think that I should,
be all heartbroken over him and D. Woods.
But to be honest yall, we really weren’t together…
and now that I’m exposed, I’m about to get that chedda…
Ain’t it funny, how everybody now wanna be my friend…
Hey it’s cool…I love u 2, but I’m about to get it in.
I gotta book coming out, if you wanna know more…
and you can cop it from your local library or favorite bookstore.
I know you’re probably wondering, “When the hell will it be realeased?”
Well, I’m working on that now, I will keep you posted. PEACE!
-June Pettiford
And you can also post my myspace url, so people can read the first three chapters of my book, which are located in my blog.