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Ricky Ross…Biggest Loss

July 24, 2008

Everyday I’m Hustlin, hustlin, hustle, hustlin.  Rick Ross hit the scene slangin’ Coca and talking about how he didn’t need the rap game because he was still moving weight.

I see you baller.  Hand Tattoos.  Blacked out shades, straight baldie and signature beard.  Look, we all know rappers need to be exagerating at least a little bit, otherwise the hip-hop cops would be sitting outside with the CD on repeat waiting for “a lotta drug dealin’ around me, going down in Dade County”.  Like Frank Lucas, one of the “biggest bosses” said, you can’t flaunt it when you’re really doing dirt.  “Listen to me, the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room”.  All of that said, I’ve never seen anyone get ripped for their street cred like this.

Oh no.  “The biggest Boss that you seen thus far” is doing the straight graduation day handshake at Corrections officer school.  That isn’t a diploma she’s handing him either.  What do you get when you graduate from CO School?  A Flashlight?  A can of mace?  No, I know, a walkie-talkie.  He’s also rocking the exact opposite of the trademark baldie and beard, instead he’s got the shave and fade.  As Lake says, let’s get angle 2.

Aw man, he looks really happy to graduate too.  I’m thinking the hand tatts and yayo slinging must be new huh?  I’m guessing they run a little background check to make sure you weren’t moving weight through the Port of Miami.  Maybe Rick thinks this is what everyone means when they say snorting Coke.

What’s next Rick?  You’re not really from Miami?  You don’t write your own rhymes?  You probably aren’t really fat are you?

Actually, I hope you are really fat, otherwise you’re just punishing the rest of us for no reason.

Time to change up your style Ricky Ross.  I can’t wait for the “Just Another Day in the Life of a God Damn Cop” featuring T-Pain of course.  “I’m the biggest fraud that you seen thus far, I’m the, I’m the biggest fraud that you seen thus far.”

Hell, we should have known he was a fake once he properly used the word “thus”.


It’s not my thing, but…

March 11, 2008

Rick Ross’ chain, which is a gold plated and diamond encrusted homage to himself is pretty damn hot.


I mean, I can’t imagine what would be more difficult, getting that Ricky Ross piece to look exactly like him or keeping his look exactly like his Rick Ross piece.


I like how Rick keeps it classic with the basic Polo. Go head Rick. I see ya.

– Lake


Lake.  I just want to know if your pops is going to hit you with the Arlington family gold chain when your trust fund kicks in.  Check it out, he likes fur coats too!