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Remy Ma Sentenced to 8 Years in the Clink

May 14, 2008

Daaayum homey, truly psycho chick Remy Smith aka Remy Mom just got the chin checka of a lifetime in the form of a 8 year bid delivered from Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Uviller.

It’s funny, it’s like the prison gods knew that Foxy was coming out, so Remy had to go in. And then before her, wasn’t the Lil Kim in the pokey on that “Not Snitchin'” bid? Anyway, I guess real jail time was a shocker to Ms. Ma and her crew. Fiance Papoose aka Ronnie DeVoe Jr. Jr. was pretty pissed off:

“Get the fcuk off me. Fcuk y’all. Fcuk jail,” the performer yelled as the hearing ended and bailiffs escorted him out of the Manhattan court. “I don’t care. Lock me up. Lock me up. Take me to jail. Arrest me. It’s all about money.”

Damn homey, at least you took it like a man. What did you expect to happen? Come on, you expect us to believe that she accidentally shot ole girl in front of Pop Burger, then just happened to flee the scene until she crashed her SUV?

How does that work? “Where in the hell is my money, Bam! Oh sorry Brock, I shot your ass accidentally, now I’ll RUN instead of trying to give you medical attention, Get WELL.” Huh? Look, Remy is a NUT and clearly this Papoose character doesn’t have a shred of sense either. After all, this clown is the one who got his wedding nixed because he got caught sneaking a handcuff key into Rikers. Veeeeery intelligent. I mean, are those ‘cuff keys one size fits all or something? I guess so.

Thug Love. Nothing beats it. Out of respek for Remy and her 8 year bid, we’ll leave her with a decent picture where she doesn’t look half as crazy as she really is.

Peace baby.

– Lake

Guilty: Remy Is Going to Jail

March 27, 2008

SURPRISE!! Nobody’s favorite rapper Remy Mom is on her way to the big house.


What, you can’t just shoot your friend in front of one of the busiest nightlife sections of NYC and get away with it? What is this world coming to? Again, here is a picture of wild Remy and her ex lady friend, the one she busted a cap in over 3 stacks.


Damn these broads are rough. I hate to say it, but I’d be willing to be that Don Imus was looking at these babes before he threw dirt on the Rutgers Hoops squad for no reason.


And how do you go from “let’s go out to Pop Burger Tonight” to “where da bitch at?” followed by rapid gunfire to the stomach piece inside of one evening? I mean, if I was going to shoot Brock’s punk ass over some low shit, the least I’d do is wait for the argument to marinate a little bit and I sure as hell wouldn’t be rolling with the cool steel talkin about “That’s my word, if this fool says one more thing to me about dat Allison Stokke post, he’s a goner. ” I mean, damn. Let the murderous rage marinate ladies.. Let it simmer, see?


Anyway, I wonder if Remy will be going to Rikers to meet up with Foxy Brown?


Help….Ok, that wasn’t fair. We’ll show a flattering pic of Fox Boogie.


Happy? You know ole girl hasn’t been doing well with her bid. She’s been all wild in the news, asking for medical discharge and the like. I mean, come on babe, all this bitching and crying is fucking up your studio gangster ghost writer credibility.

I think Ms. Ma is a bit different though. Don’t get me wrong, she’s just as crazy as Foxy, only I think Remy really is thugged the fuck out on the rizzeal.


Shoot, I’d be willing to be almost anything that in a matter of weeks she’ll be trading cigarette packs for young nubile hoe meat on the open pokey market.


On thing I do appreicate, at least the fashion police can close their Federal Inquiry into that horrible fashion sense and correspondingly turrible ass gear.


Goodness! See ya in 5 to 25 years errr 36 months, Ma.

– Lake