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Dru Hill Reunites for 10 Minutes

April 2, 2008

I’ll admit it, I’m a Dru Hill fan. I know Sisqo is probably one of the worst cats ever to hit the music industry, but dude could sing.


The way I look at it, Dru Hill was just an extension of Jodeci once all that crack finally caught up with K-Ci.


Anyway, I was looking forward to the Dru Hill reunion album for all of about 10 minutes, because that’s how long they were back together. Peep it.

Hilarious. What’s with you people with that “God called me to do some other things” flow? I never really got that. I always wondered if these nut jobs really believe they’re literally speaking with the Almighty or is it just that all their bullshit and excuses are preordained and “anointed” by “Him”… Can I get a Jesus freak in the comments section to help me out with that one?


Now my spidey sense tells me this 10 minute reunion breakout and cat fight might have been a set up. Either that or these cats are reeeal soft (ding), because that “fight” looked extremely bitchy. Terrible….and great.

– Lake