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World’s Largest Fake Breasts

June 6, 2008

The Guinness Book of World Records must be getting desperate, because they just created a new category for a young lady named, ahem…Maxi Mounds (probably not her real name. If it is, her parents drove her to her current profession) for the “World’s largest augmented breasts“.

You know how they say “you can never have too much of a good thing”? Well that is why I never listen to “they” because whoever “they” is clearly has no idea what the fuck they are talking about. That is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

With Lake’s recent assault on the fake j, this is going to send him off the deep end. I guess Maxi’s pair here is 36 MM and growing due to some plastic irritant that causes the breasts to keep growing. That can’t be worth it, can it?

Well, Maxi is about to get another World Record from UvT. The world’s biggest fakeys deserve the world’s biggest asterisk.

Congrats Maxi. You might just be the first inductee into the “Them Hall of Fame”.


Assymetically thick yes, but is it all hers?

December 18, 2007

When I first saw the Asymmetrically thick Angel Lola Luv, I just figured it was a Coco T special. And in all fairness, we’ll give you one “airbrush free”:


And one, “airbrush please”:


Wow. Dude, looking at this, it just makes me want to shut the post down right here. I mean, are you serious? Still I must push on.

I mean, who among us doesn’t 1. Know that’s Coco’s boobs are fake –

and 2. Think that ass is fake –


Alright, that’s fine. Call it cultural bias, but I always just assumed that Lola Luv’s ass was so crazy that it just had to be real. I mean, even if you could build that ass, you probably wouldn’t. You wouldn’t go with that low hanger, you’d raise it up a little, right? I mean, you can’t complain as a dude, but if you had to build it from scratch, I think most people would set it a bit higher while maintaining the thunder, punch and overall mass.

But what about those breast-tah-sises? I mean, I just figure when you’re killing it to the south, you just give the north a free pass. I’ll be honest, I figure whatever you have it’s better than the silicone enhancements, but once you’re into entertainment, all bets are off. Like I’m quite sure Melyssa Ford is not all natural.


I saw her in person and it looked like two torpedoes were coming for me (not that I was complaining or anything).


Anyway, I’m getting way off track. The point of all this is that I was bumping around the internet today, just doing what I do, and I saw this video of ole girl doing her photo shoot for XXL Mag. Now maybe it’s just me, but I’m beginning to believe that this chick Lola Luv is completely au natural. Judge for yourselves.
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Dude, wasn’t that wild? Did you see the way everything just laid in there? I really think the chick is all natural. It’s all hers. Next thing you’ll tell me that wig piece is hers too. I know, I know, she’s got Ethiopian in her… believe me, I already know the arguments for it being her real hair. Only, almost nobody rolls weave free these days. I mean, Beyonce rocks a new weave every single day! Which I hate by the way. Out.

– Lake