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Club Banger for this weekend: Wipe Me Down

November 9, 2007

We were just sitting around doing what we do. Young Brock was talking about whether Chaz Weis was going to pick up a win against USA this weekend when the underdogs in their own stadium, Notre Dame, take on Air Force.


Anyway, I was looking at my Gucci and figured it was about that time to talk about the exciting weekend I had planned. I’ve got a lot to do next week, so you best believe this weekend will be streets infested. And when I’m in the streets or at the club, there is nothing I want to hear more than this joint by Weebie, Lil Fox and probably some dude named “Lem” or something.. Anyway, here is goes. Your Lake Arlington special for the car, pod or club.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Just too good..too perfect and yes, too ignant. I love it. Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes..

– Lakey the street runner