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Jennifer Hudson Gets Punk’d?

September 15, 2008

This story is just too weird.  Haaavard Law Grad, Tiffany “New York” Pollard reject and former UvT punching bag David “Punk” Otunga allegedly got engaged to Jennifer Hudson yesterday.

Dude, this is just too weird.  LOL.  I mean, Punk?  First of all, dude’s name is Punk.  Second, he went on I LOVE NEW YORK.  Didn’t that raise somewhat of a red flag for Ms. Hudson?  Hey Huddy, you may want to check in with Star Jones and Terry McMillan before you’re out here getting your groove back with a cat who uses more hair product than you.

And then there’s Punk.  How does a cat go from talking to zero black cats at HLS, to going onto I Love New York (which according to you was to promote your Hollywood carer errrr show positive images of black men in the media) to marry certified real deal sister Jennifer Hudson?

I already know the answer which is YES, but I still have to ask:  Is this cat serious? Ha, what a cornball.  LOL.  JHud, when it all goes wrong, don’t say Lake didn’t warn ya.  And just so we’re clear, you should be looking for a cornball dude, especially when you’re in entertainment.  But you’ve got things a bit mixed up.  When looking for the proper corn, you want something that looks more like this:

And run away from a dude who would ever pose like this:

I know, I know, he’s Abs-solutely fit.  Sure, but you have to understand the mentality of a black cat who spikes his hair, rolls around shirtless or dares put himself in a frosted pic.  Believe me, it aint right and somehow the fact that he went to HLS makes it that much worse.

– Lake

I Love NY: Tiffany’s believe it or not

October 24, 2007

So I’m watching the third installment of I love New York the ‘nother night and it’s ok. I mean, it was standard issue stuff.


The dude New York called “It” was licking up on her face and some aspiring, not to mention, unfunny comedian cornball white dude who neither she nor any other chick on this planet would ever date is getting his ass whooped by New York to show he’s good for tv errr his love for Tiffany. Whatev, that’s standard issue antics from the same group that brought us Flavor of Love and all the rest. But then I start seeing that one element of these shows that always baffles me: people who apparently care.


Clearly the dudes come into the house as steroids abusers, aspiring actors, certified midgets, rappers, maybe an ignant clown who had a respectable life as a legitimate attorney but threw it all away trying to be a star on a gutter reality show, alleged gay porn stars (I know, you don’t have to be gay to ‘act’ in a gay porn flick, I know, I saw Real Sex 87, too) — you know, run of the mill stuff. And if nothing else, it is a competition, right? Still, these clowns are on this show scrappin’ for real, spitting in other grown ass men’s faces (that’s a death sentence by the way) and just acting a damn fool in general. Take this cat for instance, Tailor Made.


I’m not sure what his angle is out here. I mean, what can he actually be looking for out of this show? I can’t believe for a second that he actually wants to be with New York anymore than she wants to be with him. Is he looking to brand his new persona, a skinny less charismatic Rick Flair, for some sort of future television career? Homey is like 38, he’s got hair plugs (called out by NY herself) and overall he’s just not all that entertaining. He needs the absurd scenarios of the show to make him somebody I want to watch. Now, a cat like Chance, who is coming back at some point, he and his gay brother from the Stallionaires, which is terrible by the way, he’s an entertaining cat. I’d tune in to see “A Chance at Love”.. haa I really should be in tv. My shows would all be hot as hell.

Anyway, I’ve always had the same approach to the question of whether these shows are real, who cares.. Yeah, that makes perfect sense right up until you start to believe people really care though. Stay tuned.

– Lake