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News Flash: Don’t Try To Scare Black People

March 2, 2008

I was talking to my nilla Lake, and you know that dude thinks he’s funny.  He always wants to talk some shit, run some pranks on the interns, you know hot sauce here, cup of water to the dome there.  I just let him know not to mess with me.  Black people are predisposed to not get down with that BS.  I believe the condition is called “Osomebody Duntoldjawrong”.  Anyway he didn’t know what I was talking about so I had the new intern Paul Hussien Feinberg pull a few clips for me.

The first one is a Halloween clip.  Let’s call it “Whoop That Trick…or treat”:

You can see the direct comparison.  The white people are scared out of their mind.  The brother straight drops that fool.

Here’s another one.  Let’s call it “Naaaaaaaah Mang”

I love the way that dude in the trash can just gets mushed and that trashcan lid just drops right back down on his ass.

In other news, never throw a black woman in a pool.  She will get her hair wet and whoop your ass.  That is some white people shit for real.