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Attack of the Flying Penis

May 20, 2008

Is the UvT crowd up on Second Life? Probably not, it is a pretty “them” activity. It is like the Sims without anything to do, like World of Warcraft without magic and Paladins and shit. You just create a fake you and hang out with other fake people. Marketing people talk about it like it is the future of advertising and communication. Nike is in there, Honda, Sprite. All these companies ran to make sure they had fake stores for all the fake people to look at their fake products. But in reality it probably isn’t. There really aren’t that many people who actually use it, as I said there is nothing to do when you get there, and as always in the land of anonymity, there are too many assholes.

The one thing they do is try to ruin any sort of major attempt to do anything legitimate in the space by throwing penises around the room.

There it is. The future of human interaction.

Now that is not funny. This is. Someone actually figured out how to do this in real life. Now I don’t know what the hell this dude is talking about, but you’ve gotta wait until about 20 seconds in.

Who took the time to turn the dildo into a helicopter? Excuse me, helicockter. Jet Blew. Cocktinental Airlines. I can do this all day. The only thing better would have been if they were actually able to hit someone in the head with it before the security dude slapped it out of the air.

Can’t wait until some frat boy pulls this in his Poly Sci lecture this fall.