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Big Brother 10: Is Jesse Serious?

August 7, 2008

BIg Brother 10 is still rolling and it is finally getting to the point where it is actually interesting.  All the chicks who were unacceptable ugly three weeks ago are now curiously interesting.  Ollie is still rocking a hat.  Libra is still turrible.  Keesha is still a white girl with a black name, and Jerry is still confused confusing.

This dude is the first one to turn being an “ornery, angry ol coot” into a strategy.  I’m sure he’ll try to say yelling at everyone in the house was part of his strategy, but in reality he’s sticking around because there is no way in hell he can win.  He’ll float to the end unless someone needs an easy “I don’t want to offend anyone” week.

By the way.  Was there anyone more excited than Ollie when April won HOH?  I mean these cats have been cutting in full on lights and public, Ollie has got to be straight beating it up now that they have the HOH room and a locked door.

And when I say beating it up, I’m not talking about jabs and uppercuts.  I feel sorry for the next HOH.  I feel even worse for the staffer that has to roll up in there and change those sheets.

That brings us to “more than just a body” Jesse.

First of all, this cat doesn’t speak in full sentences.  Miss South Carolina thinks he’s incoherent.  Second, that going away speech he gave to Steven was completely off key.  “I hope I can be an inspiration to you.  Now you know your body and have seen what I have been able to accomplish, so I wish you good luck in your training.”

Muthafucka you’re a weightlifter, not a damn Shaolin monk.  Nobody is trying to snatch the pebble out of your dumbass hand.  Finally, what is up with this dude’s “If I’m in trouble I’ll just REALLY piss people off” strategy?  I don’t think he’ll go tomorrow, but he’s working on it.

Final thought.  Julie Chen is the worst host on any reality show, other than maybe that I Love Money guy.  But every once in a while she wears something that jumps out at a brother like she might be packing some thunder somewhere.  It is all camera trickery, but it sneaks up on a brother.

I got my eye on you Julie Chen.  You don’t end up marrying the head of your network by mistake.  I know you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve.  By the way, since you know the man up top, can you convince CBS to give you some better technology for talking to the house.  That bama ass remote control corded white thing you carry every Thursday is just awkward.  Surely they can control that from the booth.


Big Brother 10, Episode 2 – Brian Overplays His Hand, Ollie Bags a Babe

July 16, 2008

Forgive me for doing these Big Brother reports, I’m quite sure they won’t last for each and every episode, particularly given the fact that the show comes on three times a week, but tonight was a pretty decent show.

For those of your that watch the show, read on. The rest of you..well, do what you gotta. But anyway, last night was like a text book example of what not to do during the first week of the show. I mean, look at the smug look on this cat, topped off with that “I’m a pure dick” hat piece.

Brian, an arrogant and fairly stupid prick, thought he was the puppet master because he was pulling the strings of an old man who probably has no business on the show to begin with.

But homey thought he had it all figured out like he was just going to come into Big Brother and run the table without ever having to show a little discretion or use any subtle strategy. Like he was just going to power through the whole deal and nobody would know any better. Now look at him, perfectly casted as the BB10 Douche Bag Extraordinaire.

Bottom line in Big Brother is that early on, you just sit back and let things happen and play the cards you’re dealt. Brian is out here trying to make power moves with little to no leverage and a house full of people who’ve watched the game like anyone else. And true to form, that sell out Libra WORKED her yatch magic and got Ollie to betray his alliance. Dog, was it just me or was that chick standing about 6’9″ and weighing in at 228, because she was literally looking down on Ollie when she was spitting her game.

By the way, can someone explain to me what’s up with the back of that alleged hair she has? Say what you like, but it looks extremely suspect to me. And if you believe that a mother of 5 month old twins shouldn’t be on a 3 month long game show, then you’ll really think a mother of young twins shouldn’t be on a 3 month long game show rocking a damn bikini… Jesus.

Why does she even own a bikini? Sorry, but this show is about eye candy and that does not include chicks who just happen to look like gummy bears, ya dig? I mean, wild Renny saw that gut hanging out of them big draws and was besides herself.

And yes, I would do anything to get this picture of her crazy ass into this post. ha.

Moving on, what about this cat Ollie and the game he’s played thus far? One thing I will say about Ollie, he’s got a talent for survival and while he was diffusing that little mini meltdown Libra and April were putting on him, he quietly wrapped up what is arguably the baddest chick in the house.

Not all that impressed you say? Ok, but wait until you hear her little talk about her all natural USDA, kid tested, mother approved J game. In this era of juicing and gelling, you gotta respect an honest pair, right?

And if Ollie is doing this on Monday:

This cat will be righteously (after all he is a preacher’s son) banging out come Friday. But nothing he does in the house can justify that god awful hat he rocked on the first day.

Horrible. But he cleaned it up…a little. I think my man has LL Cool J syndrome, meaning he knows that he looks roughly 87.5% better with a hat than he does without one.

Now Ollie, I know you’re an Ex D1 defensive back, so you probably don’t need any pimp lessons. But when you’ve got a big fish like this on the line, don’t try to reel that sucker in too fast. Be patient my man. Lake Rule Number 22 “Make ‘Em Wait”…at least until Saturday morning.

– Lake


Honestly, the best part of this show is the “show behind the show” if you will. The stuff that goes down in the house that doesn’t fit into the pre-packaged CBS storylines. The the fact that Steven, the gay cowboy, called Libra “the colored girl” as soon as the ‘Big Brother After Dark’ Cameras went off.

That’s right, ol Brokeback cliche’ here is throwing around the racial insults on the third day. Nice. The worst part, my first thought was that the race obsessed “one white child and one black child” Libra probably deserved it since she can’t stop talking about her white husband, her interacial marriage, her interracial children (which I haven’t gotten a really clean look at the “white” one, but I’m sure doesn’t look all that white. Maybe white enough to pass, but black enough so Black people know the kid is one of us. Like that Bob Barr out of Georgia…I see you…and that nose…and those lips.) The hilarious thing, when I heard there was a gay cowboy in the house as well as a dude named ‘Memphis’ in the house, I was sure they were one and the same. The funny thing? They are two different dudes. By the way, there is no way in hell I’m entering the words “gay cowboy” into Google merely for the sake of entertaining you people. I’ve got a pretty good feel for what should and should not be entered into search engines thank you very much.