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Ohio State catches an ass whoopin…AGAIN!

January 8, 2008

Ones of people were surprised when LSU handily beast OSU for the mythical (meaning bullshit) BCS sponsored National Championship.


Another Big 10 team, another bust. Look, we all know you really love football in Ohio.


We understand that many of the best players in the mighty Midwest who don’t decide to hit up Michigan play their ball at OSU. We even understand and respect that you probably have some of the most dedicated fans in all of sports.


With that said, you just need to understand that you’re not that good. Face it, LSU, Florida, hell, almost ALL of the national powerhouses, especially in the SEC, are just better than you and probably always will be. Truth be told, if there was a playoff, Ohio State would have never been in the National Championship game in 2007 or 2008.


You just got spanked by a much better team. Yall could play that 10 times and you’d never win.


Get your schedule up players, that Akron, Youngstown and Kent State aint getting it. I know, I know, you beat your rival Michigan this year.  Newsflash, that so called rivalry is becoming more and more irrelevant every day.  I mean, how many times is the winner of that game going to go get stomped in a bowl game by a big time program?  It no longer means a thing.  You know, Mike Hart certainly knows it and so too does the rest of college football.


Now the fans and media are finally catching on.  Oh and I know you scored that TD at the last second to make it a two touchdown game, but it wasn’t even that close. Enjoy that long bus ride home.  OSU sucks, the Big 10 is a joke and the BCS is trash.  With that, I must offer congratulations to LSU for winning within the system. Good stuff.

– Lake

BCS Championship Game: Ohio State v. LSU

January 7, 2008

Hey, this is simple for me.


1. The Big 1o is overrated, even in a year when they suck.

Ohio State didn’t really play anyone this year. Their biggest rival pretty much sucked. Playing Youngstown State, Akron and Kent State doesn’t cut it. I know Ohio State is feeling disrespected, but when LSU gets a hold to the Buckeyes, it’s gonna look like this by halftime.


Truth be told, I can’t name one single OSU player off hand. Yes, I know they have some hot cats, but overall, they’re just uneventful. They got whooped last year when they had stars like Troy Smith and Ted Ginn, Jr., this year? I don’t think so.

2. LSU plays in, and won, the best College Football conference, the SEC.

It’s very simple. The SEC is the best conference every year period. LSU is battle tested and fearless.


3. It’s in Louisiana


Short of Lil Wayne singing the national anthem with a Duffle Bag Boy background beat, LSU already has every single advantage.


Now, there’s only one way for LSU to lose the game, turnovers. If LSU messes up over and over again and Matt Flynn plays awful, yes, OSU has a chance. But Ryan Perrilloux is too much. Jacob Hester is too much. And yes, Glen Dorsey is TOO MUCH. Sheeyut, LSU will have more athletes in the stands watching than Ohio State will have on the field. It’s LSU, it’s he SEC, it’s Louisiana, the deep south. It’s football country. Ohio State cannot and will not win this game. Period. I like LSU BIG in the Superdome.

– Lake